Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally All Moved In

Well, we finally got all moved in. Whew, what a week this has been! I went to back to work on Tuesday with the house "sort of" in shape. Meaning that most of everything had been moved in, but since we weren't on a strict time schedule to move out of the old place, things just kind of dragged along...until last night. Ye gods, when I got home, C~ was in the final stages of moving in dressers and wardrobes and the like.

Since it was Friday and we'd both had such a long week, we tool off to Pepe's (our favorite Mexican restaurant) and had a great meal, topped off by stepping across the street afterwards for some ex-rentals at Blockbuster. We finally picked up a couple of movies we have been wanting. Once we got home, we put on The Da Vinci Code (ggod flick btw - but better book) which I watched and C~ promptly fell asleep. Internet and computers were all hooked up as of noon today, so I've just been doing a bit of catching up. Now it's time for a nap before supper. Nice cool air conditioned bedroom here I come!