Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am so annoyed...

...Have you ever have one of those conversations with someone in your family? I had one with my dad last week. He actually blamed me for my sister not answering her phone when I call her.

Yes, Yes, Yes. I did have a few choice words to say to her about what she should tell her husband. She cheated on him. After he left her. He left because he thought she was cheating, she wasn't, she wanted to. Then he left.

I told her she should tell him when, though I didn't know if it would make any difference. She says she wants her marriage to work but then she went out and committed the most foolish of errors. Her husband deserved to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Anyway, dad skewered me and said that I abandoned my family by moving to Australia. It was my choice, yes indeed it was, but I certainly did NOT move here to abandon my family. I moved here to marry my Aussie hubby. This is where he lives and so now I do too. I don't consider that abandonment at all.

So, back to dad. He told me that the reason no one calls me, answers my calls (somewhat bs since my mother and sister (E~) call me on occasion...I do happen to be the one that calls most often. 1) I call E~ because she truly cannot afford international calls on her cell phone, and it's the only phone she has; and 2) my mom can't remember her own purse when she leaves home.

My family is strange. I accept that. If I didn't then, well, let's not go there. I accept it. They expect me to call, write, stay in touch, etc. They always have. *slightly Gallic shrug* No problem.

What I do not accept is the "abandonment theory" dad has hit me with. He is the one who feels abandoned because life is all about him as far as he's concerned, therefore, he takes it out on me. I'm annoyed. Well, more like pissed off, but I'm getting to be merely annoyed now.

Someone please tell my dad that it's NOT all about him. Maybe if someone else tells him he'll get the picture before he dies, when it really will be all about him and then it will be over for good.