Saturday, October 07, 2006

Can't sleep so I read

Since I can't sleep, I decided to get up and do a bit of reading. It seems that the newly proposed border fence between the US and Mexico isn't going to be built. My question always was...just who are they trying to keep in? There's also the issue of The Moron they claim as President. Now, I certainly do not lay claim to being a foreign policy genius...or even a domestic policy idiot. LOL. But I can see, and always have been able to see the Bush is a moron....possibly the greatest of our time. Does he deserve a Darwin award?

See, this is one of the reasons I left. In all seriousness, one of the main reasons I had for wanting to leave the USA is because of Bush. When I meet new people here, one of the first things people say is that I must have voted for Bush or they wonder what I think about the war in Iraq. Honestly, I hate war...for ANY reason. So, no, I don't support an occupation of any kind, either. That doesn't mean that I hold any military personnel responsible (with the exeption of The Commander in Chief) or that I'm unpatriotic, I just plain don't think war is right. But, that's just my little humble opinion.

So, since I cannot sleep I must still be least a little...this waking up in the middle of the night has been happening for the past week. Aaaaarrgh, I want to sleep. Instead, I shall post a picture of my baby, Baron (Bear) as he is now called. He was adopted by a wonderful lady back home, when she found out that I could not bring him to live with me here. It was an agonising personal decision given his age and health. I thought he deserved better than being dragged around the world and sit in quarantine for up to 6 months. That is Baron (Bear) up on the right. His head still tilts to the left due to seizures he started having several years ago. They never found the cause, but think perhaps it could be small strokes. He is one of the most wonderful, loving dogs, always looking for a new friend. Which is a bit odd for a German Shepherd Dog, but Baron made it work for him. Don't get me wrong, he could be aggressive at times...he was one of the reasons my ex didn't hit me as often as he might have, Baron would insert himself between us and snarl. Talk about a reason to stay away lol. It's not something I like to think or talk about much, so I won't, but if someone has a need to know then I will...kwim?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Granny! You’re 100 today

My Granny was born on October 6, 1906. She is my Great-grandmother and she has always been my favorite grandmother, probably because she has never been judgmental like others in my family. She just plain loves me. I remember being little and staying with her while my mom worked. She would spend what little bit of money she had to take me on the bus for a ride around the city, what great fun for a 4 year old! She used to drive an old white Comet with red vinyl interior, no air conditioning and hand crank windows. It even had the little triangle shaped windows in the front that opened. Her house had a screened in front porch on the front and back, but we only used the front for sitting – she had wonderfully big white rocking chairs, as well as, tons of flowers both inside and out. She loves flowers and her favorite bird is the Cardinal. Even now, though almost completely blind from macular degeneration, she grows the most beautiful flowers and raises a few tomatoes. Unfortunately, the old house on Jefferson St. was sold because it was broken into several times, the last time she was at home….thankfully unhurt, but it just wasn’t a safe neighborhood anymore. She went to live with my great aunt for awhile, then found a small apartment to live in. It’s really a place for elderly folks, all ground floor one bedroom duplexes. To be honest, it’s very spacious, well lit, and has all the modern conveniences of any new home. Though now, she spends most of the time at my grandmother’s (her older daughter) house. She had a fairly difficult life being married to my grandfather, who was a functional alcoholic. I am sure she loved him, but they slept in separate bedrooms for many years and when he passed away she never looked back. I don’t remember granddaddy well, I was about 7 when he died and that was the year that my younger sister was born. I do remember him giving us silver dollars for Christmas each year, mostly because there are pictures. You know how you aren’t really certain if it’s a true memory or just because you have heard the stories and seen the pictures so many times? Like that.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hoo Boy am I ill

Sheesh I'm ill. I haven't felt this bad in quite a while. I seem to be catching every single bug going around. My immune system sucks the first year I have ever lived in a new place. This year will be over soon, thank goodness because I can't take much more of this. I've slept off and on since Sunday! Was just downstairs trying to make some coleslaw but halfway through I thought (very quickly) I was either going to pass out or vomit. I had enough of the passing out - vomiting thing in my younger years, thanks but, no thanks. So, came up laid out on the bed, panting like a dog and begged C~ to go down and put things in the the wonderful husband that he is, he did just that :)

Went for a short walk earlier and thought about a few things. I do this almost daily just to think or clear my head. Seems to work occasionally. I saw the most beautiful Sulphur Crested Cockatoo while I was walking. I am so lucky to live in a place where I can see the most beautiful birds all the time. Yes, I do miss North American birds like Cardinals, Blue Birds, and Hummingbirds....but there is just something so cool about being able to walk outside my front door and see birds that most people only ever see on National Geographic!

By The Way...

By The Way...

Just a day in the life

Wow, I have a cold! So what's new, pussycat? First year in a new place and I get sick every time someone coughs, or sneezes for that matter. Good gravy! Can't say I am particularly feeling crappy....codeine has that effect on me LOL! Ah well. I am trying my hand at blogging. This time for myself and no one else. I also have a small journal I write for my husband to read, but that's a little too personal for others to see. So we shall see.
I decided to just DO THIS THING last night. Just writing, mostly to help me bitch about my life in general. Life isn't any fun unless I can complain about something, someone once said. I wholeheartedly agree :) I will probably mess about with the templates and photos a bit. I want to see how all of this works. This is for me, need I say more? Plus I need to work on my typing skills because years of chatting on the 'net has ruined me. More later, I hope.