Saturday, February 03, 2007

And then there were two...

Yeah TWO! I have to choose grrrrrrrr! This morning we went to see Tiger and Dee, the potential doggie adoptees. Both are gorgeous and sweet. Both have what I'd love to have in a dog. Why oh why can't I roll them up into one? Life is so unfair.

Both of them took to C~ instantly. WTF am I, chopped liver? Nooo they might actually LIKE that! Both ignored me and went straight to him. Perhaps he was giving off some "I just lost my best friend" vibes they picked up on. Earlier this week, his parents put their 13 yo poodle, Colonel, to sleep. C~ has been really torn up about it. He grew up with him and I can imagine what he's been feeling this week, especially with us due to go look at two dogs. I imagine a bit like a traitor, but I'm hoping a new dog for us will help that.

Anywho, after much driving to the north side of the city, we arrived at Dee's foster home first. Dee wiggled and waggled, and grinned and goofed off for us a little while we talked with Nicola, her temporary mom. We decided to put on her muzzle and go for walkies down to the park. SHe was such a good girl! She kept acting like a silly thing, rubbing her nose/muzzle on our legs a few times, then settled into the walk like a pro (which she apparently is). We had a sit down, a few scratches and pats, even a few kissies, and then had to give her back. When we were leaving, she followed us down the length of the fence only stopping when she got to the end of her yard. So we stoppped and gave her a goodbye pat and felt we must surely have her, wishing we could take her with us right then. But alas, we must go visit Tiger. Dee is a beautiful black girl....not so little as I was led to believe, she's about 29 kgs. *Sigh*

Onto visit Tiger who is living with a foster family out in the BOONIES! Oh yeah, people out there actually have property! Whoa, am I ever jealous and would love to live way out there in Pine Rivers Shire. It's unbelievable! Rolling hills, beautiful new homes *drool*, I could go on and on, but I'll go on to Tiger.
Tiger greeted us at the door. All of 4 feet tall, I'd swear! He's so tall! No wonder he's called Tiger, he's all striped and when lying down he looks like a fawn and black zebra or a giraffe with stripes. I was told he is blue, but now he's more fawn with blue stripes. He even has a little sexy eyeliner and lipstick (gothy black, of course, as only a grey will have). We came in and I promptly sat down on the floor next to him and his bed and played squeak the toy (I'm a well trained monkey), he just looked at me as if I'd gone off my rocker! *gasp* Anywho, his foster carer took us outside and into the paddock where we found a BALL! I was raring to go play ball with this beautiful creature. Pam warned me that he likes to run after the ball, pick it up and then drop it....way far away from you. He doesn't fetch. Hrrrrrmmmmm, we shall see about this no fetchy thing. I screamed in my best high pitched girly voice, "Come on Tiiiigerrrr, come on! Let's play ball!!!!" Threw the ball, he took off at a gentle gallop and brought me the ball! Twice he brought me the ball...after that, he just went off to greet the next door neighbor dogs, a german shepherd mama and her pup that were sticking their heads through the large fence wanting pats and scratches, too. I obliged them then took off after the wayward Tiger to see if I could interest him in more play but he wasn't having any of that, so off we went for a walk on leash. He did great! What a guy!

Once inside, Tiger fell asleep on the floor completely ignoring us crazy humans. We chatted with Pam for a bit, then off we went to the door. Tiger followed, but only after much calling to see if he wanted to say bye bye to us...I guess he figured if he wanted to be in the running for a new home, he'd better comply. More pats and scratches and off we went.

Now we are home to debate who it shall be. Good heavens it's gonna be hard to choose!

On the one hand, I think Dee, then I think Tiger...and on and on it goes. I may just have to draw straws.

Monday, January 29, 2007

New Pals

I've just added a couple of great blogs. Both very funny and I love the pics of all the greyt dogs aka greyhounds. Katy and her needle nose pals, both her own and the ones she fosters. Also there is Adele and her cat Chicken, boy is he a meanypuss! She has greys too, plus she's a foster mom extraordinaire. Ya'll enjoy!

Owie freakin OWWwwwww

Yeah that's what I said. OW! Damnit ouchie poo, too. Mama always said God doesn't give us more than we can handle but somedays I think He toys with me way too darn much. Why oh why does it sometimes feel like I'm a hundred and thiry-eight instead of 37, nearly 38? Woke up this am it was barely 4:30 am and I'd not even gone to sleep til after 11. C~ made me stay up and watch the last of the Cricket match between NZ and Australia. It WAS an awesome game, especially the ending overs. Australia barely one by 8 balls! Talk about close call. McGrath pulled it out on the end making up for all the shitty fielding he'd done earlier. I also have to commend the NZ batters, wow!

Anywho, the reason I'm sitting here at 5 am is because I had some awful bloody (literally bloody) dream involving dogs. An accident in the dream, totally horrific to wake up to, then the pain came about 5 minnutes after I was coherent enough to understand the signals body sends to was instant OWIE time. That's sorta like Hammer time, but not as much fun....dancing is optional, depending on the owie factor.

For those who don't know, I had tumour removed from spinal cord nearly 4 yrs ago. Medical term is laminectomy. What it IS is this : I'm left with NO bony covering over my spinal cord between my shoulder blades on 2 vertabrae. They cut all the muscles in my back and lots of nerves too. Sometimes if I'm touched on one side, it feels like the touch comes from the other side. Truly wierd feeling, especially when it's a fingernail or when I scratch my own back. What I'm left with is chronic, daily pain...without medicine it's off the charts, want to jump off bridge kinda feeling. With daily meds it's generally good. I know it's there, but it's a dull thumping 5 - 7 on a scale of 1 - 10. This am it was good solid 9 1/2....not weeks lol that'd be supa! But I wanted to slam my toe on the new chest at the end of the bed to make it hurt less, cuz it ain't time for me medicine, gotta wait at least til 6. At least here Down Under we can buy codeine OTC and that helps in times like this. So does writing. If you're totally in the dark now. I take a 12 hour time release medicine which is the equivalent of 20 mg of codeine, not a whole lot, not even a Tylenol 3! But whatever, it works and I'm forever thankful for aussie medicine and doctors. So, like now I just take a couple short acting panadeine and all is well for another hour (as I grit my teeth and correct yet another typo pfft snort, "well, uh huh, shhhuuuure it is well). i hate typose more than any other , forget grammar. I suck at it, always have always will...but spelling is another matter entirely and I get serious about that. I am a spelling slut from hell.

Ok Doggie time now. SO! I have been tentatively offered my choice of two dogs. One is named Tiger, the other is Dee. Ugh on the names btw. Must change, hubster agrees wholeheartedly. Tiger is leaving what was supposed to be his forever home because he snapped at a 5 yo. My guess is that 5 yo is FULL ON lol and Tiger was having none o' that mess. Fine by me, I have zero kiddieos. Dee is a bit of a mystery right now. So far, I know that she is a bit shy of dogs in the distance and reacts in some way. Howling? Whining? Not sure. The other odd thing is that she cannot be spayed. Apparently, the vet went to do it and said her uterus is the size of a small kittens and cannot rtemove it for some reason. Now, we know of no logical reason for this, even the hormones shouldn't have done that. Racing dogs take hormones to prevent pregnancy, kinda like some women doggies *grin*. Now the vet wants to take an ultrasound in 1 yr to check again. I do not know if this means that sha cannot get preggers. Don't have a problem dealing with the heat thing, though I know if I foster it may cause some extra sniffing and stuff lol and lotsa licking. That's what they make little girlydog panties for *sigh*. It prevents stuff getting on furniture and floors in case you were wondering. 'Nuff said.

So, this coming Saturday, C~ and I will day trip to the North Side of the city and have a looksee at them both. Note to self: need to look at stand alone freezers. We plan on using the BARF diet. and it's easier to just buy it and freeze it...also gotta find who stocks it over here. Ok, time for walkies since the sun is kinda up. Ciao peeps.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

New dog

OMG! Seriously! I just got a call from THE LADY! Oh yeah *does happy dance* We basically have a choice of two dogs. BUT, grrrrrr, just found out from C~ that the ant baits we laid out won't allow us to have a dog in the yard for a fortnight. Fuckety fuck. Sheesh, and yesterday we went out and bought cool dog bowls (raised off the floor a cool foot and a half), a doggy mat aka horse saddle blanket in a totally cool shade of purple *grin*, plus curry comb and brush. I'm so excited I could spit! Now it's hurry up and wait. Ok, time to calm down and think about food...for me not the future dog. You know you were so thinking it LOL.