Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Feast aka Aussie "Thanksgiving" excuse for Turkey lol

Thanks to Brooke nagging forEVAH (just kidding) we made a turkey feast if you doubt my culinary skillz just take a look at THIS!

Yup I can cook with the best of 'em. Just ask anyone, provided it ain't my Dear Hubby who isn't a fan of veggies even if they do have sugar up the wazzoo!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter has come and gone like a bad little bunny

Easter has come and gone and I'm STILL waiting for Brooke to post her pics - or at least send me some! - from Saturday night. We did Easter Dinner thingy with the 4 of us: me, C~ , Brooke, and 3 dogs, Tiger, Gracie, and Banjo.

Since I habs no pitchers to show of my sticking my fingers under turkey skin to slide lemon slices underneath it, I am showing pics of the Spectacular Petacular Tiger and I spent last Sunday at promoting Greyhounds as Pets. As you can see from the pics below, no dogs were harmed in the making of these pics.

In fact, Tiger was getting a bit of a massage since he was so worn out from all the hugs, kisses, and general lub from all he could get any and all.

He does look stressed out, doesn't he? LOL! More like, po'd I'd stopped rubbing his leg.

And now for the pic of Brooke, Snooks is in her lap, and Gracie aka Baby Snorks is on her left.

Brooke and I had an agreement, she wanted American style dinner of the Thanksgiving or Easter sort and I had a turkey breast languishing in the frigamerator so I said, sure we'll do it, but ya gotta help me cook it! We had so much fun!!!!!! What a blast! She made the sweet potato soufflé all by herself! It even had marshmallows on it, it was sad yet so cool at the same time since the marshmallows here are white and pink.

We kept it simple. Turkey with fig & hazelnut stuffing, Emeril's Cajun oystah dressing, and a humongous salad with home made honey mustard dressing, I must admit, we were also gonna have Brussels sprouts but in all the excitement we forgot. Trust me, there was MORE than enough! I made her take most of it home with her! Hehehehehe, now she'll know the horrors of leftovers for days, and days, and days LOL :)

We got to play with all the cool kitchen implements like the food processor for making home made bread crumbs, and the mortar and pestle for crunching and grinding up nuts n stuffs. Then we ate like the little piggies we are and I'll be paying for it at the gym for the rest of the week, dont'cha know?