Monday, November 05, 2007

Day of joy and nights of thunder

We picked up another foster on Saturday. Her name is Ebony (UGH!!!) but I've been calling her Bunny Bunny. She seems to like it :) She is the sister of the monster child we had awhile back that learned to open the fridge. Bunny Bunny is smart and cool and Tiger LOVES her, not like the other girls we've had - he just tolerated them. Although he has also been playing "Fun Police" with her. When she goes running around the back garden he tends to growl at her a little as if to say" No running in MY garden! Only Tigers can run in MY Garden!"

THe pic below is of my VERY spoiled boy, He has his very own sofa, which is next to a window and a door to the outside, in front of the window, as you can see, there's a fan blowing cool air across the Tigerman. Look at the face - utter bliss.

Speaking of fun police, screw the blog title I wasn't thinking but wasn't that the name of a movie or somethin'? Ok so I was stuck for a title and it's been thundering at night with little to no rain, bah humbug! Ok So I've got another pic of Tigez. Earlier last week he cut open his leg. It's gross, it keeps being torn open and I keep bandaging it. Right now it has some cool hot pink vet wrap on it! He soooo looks awesome in hot pink.

The above picture is a close up of Tigers wound. He acts and sort of looks like he's been in the wars. Well, he acts like a typical male by ignoring it unless it's bandaged and he rips the bandages off then whines because it's bleeding and hurts. Typical male.