Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year and have some bread or errr not....

Doesn't this face look ever so innocent? HAH! Just wait til I tell you of her evil deeds and nefarious plot against our household. She decreed that , "There shall be NO BREAD for the humans to eat!" Yep it's the New Year and what do I have to show for it? Hrmmmm let me see. I think I have some pictures. Not too many, though as I just didn't feel up to it. It's been raining for over a week, which meant that the Christmas Holidays were spent with moi having a tad bit of comfort because it was way cooler than the last 2 years. In fact, according to The Weather Channel, Queensland's coolest Christmas in 8 years. How about THEM apples?

Today I decided to make some bread, or rather, C~ guilted me into it lol. I'd been after him to get me some stuff to make bread with when he went shopping, and so he did. Lucky me. See, good bread here is kind of 'spensive at around $3.50 per loaf and if ya like artisan bread you can add half to double that. I thought, hey! I have an oven, a bread pan, what the hell? I'll bake some bread, can't be all that hard can it? Nahhhhhhh. And truly it wasn't.

So, first type of "bread' I made were scones or biscuits to us southerners. Not too shabby. I tried "quick bread" made with the same stuff as scones, plus a few other thingies and voila! We had ummmm Scone Bread rofl! Yup tasted just like biscuits made into bread, all it was missing was either bananas and nuts or zucchini and nuts *sigh*.

So, onto "white bread". Ok so it wasn't anything to brag about, a little too dense. So I probably (I'm guessing here) needed to knead it less and perhaps waited for it to rise more on the first go round - recipe says to let it rise, punch down, then shape and place in warm spot to rise again, then bake. Anywho, it was good enough to eat fresh out of the oven with a bit of buttah, slice some mo' and share with puppers. Go get camera to take pretty pitchers...and discover evil foster hound has swiped it off the counter, Tiger looked on

with feigned disinterest until I took it from evil hound and gave half to him. THEN he chowed down like the food hound he is.

*I've edited this so many times and right now Blogger is REALLY giving me the shits over it's complete lack of willingness to obey my simple commands. Grrrrrrr.