Sunday, November 18, 2007

Giving thanks in a land without Thanksgiving

Sexy Brett Lee - Australian Cricketer & fast bowler.

Yes, some of us in Australia do celebrate Thanksgiving. But that's most likely because we are either Americans living here or have someone in our family that is American.

Why doesn't Australia celebrate Thanksgiving? Well the short snarky version I generally give folks "back home" is that ummmm, there weren't any pilgrims nor were there any starving Indians to trade with when James Cooke sailed around mapping the coast. Aboriginals, yes. Indians, no. Hence, no Turkey Day.

Plus, who the hell wants to pay $45 for a 10 lb turkey? I've done it in the past and probably will again, but sheesh, I'm keeping that whole dang bird for myself. That's darned 'spensive for a bird don't ya think?

So, since we don't celebrate Turkey Day Down Under we don't get a day off work. Therefore, I don't gotta spend the day in the kitchen slaving away in the heat with no ac since we are kind of backwards (And intent on keeping the planet green!) by not having ac throughout the house.

So I sit here in the sweltering heat watching The Cricket instead.

Yes, I have come to love The Cricket as we call it here in Oz. Seems odd to say "The " in front of it kind of like saying , "I'm going to turn on the tv and watch The Baseball". Doesn't feel right, but anywho. HERE is a cool explanation of Cricket by a fellow American. Both the wiki and yank versions are fairly long but informative.

If you'd like to see where you can get all the info on Cricket go to .

Now pardon me but I'm off to hang with the puppers in the lounge room (living room) and watch The Cricket. Can't wait to see Australia beat the heck out of Sri Lanka.