Saturday, April 28, 2007

I've been a very bad girl...

...And I feel ever so guilty. Yup, you got it, I've not been blogging. Why, you ask? Well a few things have come up like I was sick last week, then last weekend I was too busy cleaning house and doing laundry to make up for being sick, and this week I worked and I promised C~ that I would spend less time on the internet.

It was becoming "not a joke" according to him - referring to how much time I was spending on the internet between my yahoo group, blogs I read, and my own blog, plus the greyhound forums and whatnot I regularly read for info. Whew, that's a lot of time logged to be honest and lately it has just gotten out of hand.

Oh! And the few snarky commenters on a particular yahoo group that is by invitation only in which someone who shall remain nameless put a linky to my blog and then all those crazy bitches decided to come over to my blog and unleash holy hell and post nasty comments on MY blog not relating to my blog entries at all but instead related to some other total crapola that I'm glad to say is over and done with - Or it had better be over and done with, let's put it that way, because if it is brought up again in one of my groups discussions then those bitches are outta there.

Who in the heck posts anonymous comments on a blog and actually thinks they can accomplish something that a nice email cannot? I respond far more nicely to honey blah, blah, blah...
I don't tolerate bullshit and you will find that I'm totally honest in all things. Perhaps too honest - blunt may be more appropiate - but you will not catch me playing nice nice just to make someone like me, either ya do or ya don't and if you don't then I've got no time for you. Talk to the hand as the teenagers say.

As for comments, I disabled anonymous comments once, but won't do it again, as I have the power to delete anything I wish and as it's my blog I'll only have stuff posted that I unless you want lavish praise upon me, tell me how much you love me and my witchy 'tude, send me choccies (cyber will do nicely thankya), or beg me for nekkie pix...oh wait, sorry off in my own little dreamworld there.

Cough, cough anywho, keep up the reading, I promise I'll try to keep up better and not take such long breaks again. Even if I have to sneak in here in the middle of the night while HE is asleep *grin*.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Still blogging

Yes I am still blogging. I have just been really busy working and getting over a bug last week that really laid me pretty low for a while...hence the not being able to get out and about to have anything to write about.

I do promise to write something tomorrow!!!!