Monday, December 03, 2007

I haven't posted here are some nice pics

I haven't posted lately for no good reason either, except I've been getting caught up in Spring Cleaning, etc, lots of cooking and freezing and other stuff that just needed to be done. You know how that is. Plus it's also been slightly busier at Chez Kitten with the foster pup. Last Weekend we had the GAP Christmas Party and Tiger won Best costume

Below is Tiger and me (ignore the awful hair it was above 90 that day) with his Best Dressed Award - I made him a surgeon's outfit, complete with hairnet, mask, stethoscope, and scrubs.

Above are Tiger and Bunny together, She was a Fairy Princess. She didn't win, but we think it's because the judges didn't want to have 2 winners in the same family ;)

Lately this is my favorite pic of me and the boy. This is how we woke up one morning and C~took some pics.

This shows the whole bed with Bunny at the bottom being, well...herself LOL. After she's run around, bounced all over the bed barking and doing her damnedest to say GOOOOOOOOD MORRRRRRNING VIET NAMMMM!!!!!!!!

Yup that's what my bed looks like in the morning, a war zone. BTW, Tiger is wearing red pajamas to keep him warm - I like to keep the ac on at night and he gets quite cold, even under the blankets with us.