Saturday, November 25, 2006

This is gonna be me tomorrow night

I just LOVE this photo, not only is it of a grey cat, but it looks just like my old cat Harry...the one that went to live with my ex. Anyway, this is what I'm going to look like once I'm done feeding 12 people Thanksgiving Dinner. Talk to ya next week.

An apology

I have to apologise for what must have seemed a big bash on Foot Locker. It wasn't what I meant at all. My experience yesterday just typified local customer service that I have been subjected to, and I happened to write about that experience. I was simply surprised that a company would allow that behaviour. Perhaps I'm just digging myself in a hole by going on. I'm truly sorry if it seemed that I was singly that company out. I wasn't. It just happened that I was irritated and it prompted me to go on and write.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Foraging for new shoes at Foot Locker

One would THINK that an American chain (like Foot Locker) would have somewhat decent customer service. Not so here in Brisbane! I had a 30% off coupon for anything in the store. I went looking for tennis shoes, which I desperately needed. What I got was a surly teenager that could not seem to understand that when I pointed to a shoe and asked if he had that in my size, what I wanted was an answer of Yes, No, or I'll go If they had it, I wanted to try it on.

Considering they also had a special on certain shoes that combined 2 for $120, and I could also use the coupon, that made it doubly important to find something. Hey money is tight right now with Christmas coming up. I wear only 2 brands, Nike or Reebok. PERIOD! I do not want to be shown New Balance or Pumas or Addidas. I explained this to the young man. I wear only Nike and Reebok, I told him...nicely even. What did he bring me? New Balance. Why? Because they were out of my size, guess what he THEN brought me? The pair I'd picked out, but in a size 11! WTF? I wear a USA Size 10. Nope, I do not have little feet, but I wear a 10, not an 11. Why oh why did he even BOTHER bringing me a size 11?

It gets better. C~ picked out 6 pairs to see if they had them in his size. 2 were shown to him, one of which was NOT the pair he'd picked out because the salesgirl didn't like the colour, and thought perhaps they might be a little narrow! Excuse me, but shouldn't the customer decide if a damn shoe fits or not? That pair of shoes (the ones that the salesgirl liked) were $200 pair of tennis shoes. Sorry, but not on my current budget, dear. It was SO frustrating, just to pick out 2 friggin pairs of shoes. Ok, I admit it, I got a good deal. A $119.00 pair of Nike leather tennis shoes (white with Pink swoosh logo *grin*), AND a pair of white little flats that look like a pair of Nike mary janes *grin*, they are too cute and were priced at $69, but I got both for $84.

Yep, a very good deal. BUT what I had to put up with! I can't believe that they didn't bother to offer calling another of their local stores to see if they had the shoes we really wanted in stock. Back home they would have done that. They would have offered, I would NOT have had to ask. I didn't ask, btw. C~ was way too pissed off by that time, he just wanted to get the hell out of there. I really do miss American style customer service where they bend over backwards for you because they KNOW you can shop elsewhere and will tell people. Here they just don't give a damn. Why should they? They are getting paid $15 per hour to do nothing but look good in their store uniforms, they probably don't get commission, and certainly do NOT give a rat's ass about the customers. But all customer service here sucks like that, why am I so surprised?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The crazy things people google...

...Oh yes, people do some crazy googling during their days (or nights). I have become addicted to sitemeter...THANKS MONTCHAN! I found that someone found me by googling hairy lebanese women wtf? 0.O

So far, the largest amounts have come from those looking for a Tomato Pie Recipe, an occasional search for merkins, and waxing tips, roflmao! Of course, if you use site meter, you know it doesn't show the exact location of a person, just the nearest city. Mostly I've been checking it to see if any of my family has checked out my site. Once my mom did, but that was only for a few seconds...I think it was because I told her if she read my blog then she wasn't allowed to get upset by anything she read lol...because I do occasionally write about the dysfunctional wasy I grew up so now everyone knows just how fucked up I really am *snicker*

Oh , I decided to post a couple of other cute kitty pics too...just 'cuz I can :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lovely Pictures

I just love these two pictures, I found them on a couple of different sites, but have no idea where... so I can't give the person that did them proper credit....but it wasn't me. I just wanted to share. The one with the flower I like because it make me feel so peaceful, the cat I love because I love also makes me think of montchan for some reason, too. Now why is that?

I am an evil person...

...or didn't you know that already? Actually, I'm not totally evil I just have an odd sense of humour. I can be wicked at times, I can even be a bitch, but generally I'm your normal (whatever that means), average person. I have my moods. I can be caustic and mean, though I generally do NOT try to be mean. I'm not one of those people with a perpetual smile on my face. Life ain't all that good, sheesh, even nuns don't smile all the time. Well, I did know this priest once, who always smiled...

Seriously, his name is Father Tommy (from Ireland) and last I heard was living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi with a huge parish and had the highest number of adult Catholic converts in that area. He was the kind of priest that would tell people they didn't have to fast per se, but maybe eat soup instead. Or he would say that for Lent, instead of giving up something, why not give to others. Make a commitment to put a quarter in someones parking meter that had run out, so they wouldn't get a ticket. How cool is that? I found him truly inspiring.

I think I will try harder to be nicer to others in the future. I'm not saying it will work lol, but I will try.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I am seriously pissed

I have emailed sitemeter twice. It is still tracking how many people I have visiting my blog, but it will NOT let me log in to my account! DAMNIT, FARK FARK FARKIN HELL! Sheesh this is driving me crazy. Anyone else having this problem? When I try to log in, it just produces the login page once again. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

How about suggestions? I don't have a clue, as I just have the free version. I wanted to see what it would do before I anteed up and paid for a years subscription (C~ would have a shit fit). He hit the roof when I paid $60 for my gold card or whatever it costs, because I wanted to get in touch with a few people from high school and couldn't without paying. So, for all that money I got a few email addys and 2 return emails. LMAO, shows how popular I was, huh? Oh yeah, I was the poor hand-me-down wearing geek that thought taking Spanish and French in high school would somehow make me more mysterious, therefore more date eligible. Hrmph, they always seemed to ask out my cousin, who of course later on in life admitted to being a lesbian, which you KNOW just made my day complete. Not only did the boys not want to date me, they would rather be turned down by my lesbian cousin. Will there be no end to my shame?

I mean, it's not as if I'm some farking dog. I am somewhat attractive, but somehow only to insane, perverted old men (not including C~). Perhaps it's because I never knew when to keep my mouth shut. I do have a tendency to point out shortcomings and failures *chuckle*. Imagine THAT on what some guy thinks is a hot date with me *evil grin*

Why is life so irritating?

I expect too much. I must. Lately life has been coming up pits instead of cherries. Why is that? Have I somehow drawn the short straw in my sleep, or is it just my turn, or am I wearing a sign only visible to others that says "Please fuck with me!"?

I must go shopping to get C~ something for Christmas. I know it will never be as good as what he gets me, it never is. He is amazing when it comes to shopping and gift buying. He always buys incredible little things, doo-dads, and what nots, not to mention, he's even fairly good at picking out clothes. He can't dress himself for shit, but that's a whole 'nother story. This is why God invented women, I think, to keep men well dressed and smelling then other women will try to steal them away. SHeesh, one would think we would learn? Hrmmmmm, perhaps I'll let C~ continue wearing grubby clothes *giggle*. I wrote something, I promised and I did it. There!

Th th th that's all folks!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tomorrow, I PROMISE....

....I really really promise to write something substantial tomorrow. I haven't been abducted by aliens or anything. I just had an awful migraine last Tuesday night and ended up in hospital after getting a shot of something that was supposed to get rid of the headache, but instead made it much worse.

At the hospital they gave me Thorazine...uh huh uh huh.... yeah yeah, I know, an anti-psychotic, just wtf I needed *sticks tongue out*. That didn't work, so they FINALLY gave me some friggin morphine, which helped a teensy bit. Sent me home with a headache that was dulled somewhat by all the damn drugs. It took me a couple of days to recover from all that garbage in my system.

The weather has been atrocious here. Hot then cold, and back again... heck it even SNOWED about 50 miles south of Brisbane! What is that all's November, which means it's Summer here and it snowed in many cities across southern Australia. I saw on tv footage in Melbourne where it looked like a foot of snow that the snowplows were pushing off to the side of the roads.

So anyway, I had a migraine that lasted a couple of days. Then I had to recover from the M.D. sanctioned "near over-dose" LOL. Oh yeah, I also had a CT scan, which turned out to be normal hehe....whatever "normal" is. So, I haven't even turned on the computer except to see if my sister has returned my email.

So, I promise to write something real and hopefully interesting tomorrow. Tonight, I'm just gonna watch an episode of House M.D. and veg.... ta ta until tomorrow.