Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's addictive....



Massage Therapy School

Oh. My. God. I love it! I hate it! I cannot wait to be finished with it! Technically, I'll be finished in 2 days. But, I've only finished the Cert IV training. That allows me to work as a massage therapist and bill a few insurance companies, but not all of them. The vast majority require a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy.

This is what Western Sydney University has to say about Remedial Therapy:

What is Remedial Massage?
When muscles become knotted and tense or damaged, remedial massage provides a healing
treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. Remedial massage holistically treats
the body. The massage therapist endeavours to identify the original biomechanical
dysfunction, thus healing the cause of the disorder, as well as the symptoms.
Remedial massage uses several specialised techniques to locate and repair damage to
muscles, tendons and joints. Massage therapy supports and speeds up the body's own repair
mechanisms. A lubricating medium (usually oil) is applied directly on the skin. This ensures
that the muscles associated with the disorder are deeply penetrated. Passive joint stretching
moves are also used.

Here is what I'm "supposed" to be doing now that I have a Cert IV:

What is Relaxation Massage?
Relaxation or Swedish massage is a smooth flowing style that helps reduce:
• stress
• improve circulation and range of movement
• eases and tones muscles
• provides the deep relaxation that allows our minds and bodies to recharge and rejuvenate.

However, I also do Neuromuscular Techniques, rigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Range Of Motion, and PNF and MET Stretches.

So, yeah I can get in there and work on stuff that hurts but I'm not always able to completely get rid of all knots and so forth. Basically, I know enough to be dangerous. LOL!

Not that I don't give a good massage, I do. But there's a hell of a lot more to be learned and even after I finish Remedial, I'll still need to keep on learning. In 10 weeks I have learned the basics. In 10 more weeks I'll know more basics (basics of Remedial Therapy, that is).

So, for now I suffer from extreme fatigue from giving 18 massages in the last week and a half. I had a small idea how hard it was, but this is ridiculous. Now, I'm certain I'll never do more than 4 massages per day and most likely no more than 3 days most weeks. Some weeks I could probably do 4 days but not too many. I now need a massage worse than I've ever needed one.

Water, water, all around, and not a drop to drink...