Saturday, January 06, 2007

KFC Twenty20 Big Bash QLD v NSW

We went to the Twenty20 (as it is apparently correctly named LOL) last night at The Gabba to see XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls vs NSW SpeedBlitz Blues. It was awesome! Talk about fast and furious! I was stoked, thinking that Andrew Symonds would be playing, then I remembered that he's been down with the Aussie Test team kicking Big British Butt! HAHAHA! :)) Lmao! just had to say that. Didn't matter, (hottie bowler) Nathan Bracken was bowling for NSW and he was pretty good, but the Bulls were just slamming the balls away. It was a mighty close match to the very end when NSW needed 30 runs off the last 5 balls. They hit 3 balls for 6 runs each! Talk about being ALMOST there! Holy COW!

The worst part of it was finding out at the entrance that backpacks were no longer allowed, but my collapsible cooler bag from ALDI was, so we stuffed everything into my bag, checked the backpack, and headed on in for some really great fun. Then at the end, we waited 40 minutes to retrieve said backpack (poor us lol), though it did make for a short wait at the bus line. We didn't mind a bit, really, there were some nice people in line...except for the old guy behind me chain smoking and blowing it in my face *GAG*, so we kind of shuffled around to the smoke smell commiserating with fellow cricket fans waiting to claim their possessions and made jokes with the local coppers how we were REALLY waiting in the long line for autographs (yeah right ;) ).

All in all it was a great night and we had an awesome time. I can't wait until next month when I get to see England v New Zealand in the one dayer here in Brisbane at The Gabba.

We are moving....FINALLY!

YAY! We are finally moving. Yesterday we were approved for a nice house. It's kinda out in the boonies, but not really. Only about 10 minutes further from the city by train, and about 10 minutes closer to my work ( I work about 30-45 mins south of the city).

So today was spent doing a 2 hour inspection complete with digital photos to back everything up *grin*. What can I say? Hubby is a lawyer LOL! Then we spent awhile doing some general clean up, wiping down surfaces and cabinets, putting a few things away.

The funny thing is, well...the lady that lived there before was elderly, and she painted, decorated, and did whatever to suit her very own "special" tastes. Hrmmm, tastes, yes that's what I suppose I should call it. I have put up a pic of the shot into the kitchen (note that there is NO stove/oven), where the fridge is in this pic, is where our oven currently is. Our fridge will have to go in the dinette, as there is no space for a fridge now that the oven and stove are in place lol. Notice that she has placed Pepto Bismol Pink lattice between the two "rooms". Not only is it there, but it is also between the dinette and living/dining areas, as well. Can someone please get me a trash can so I won't mess up my keyboard? *gag* Not only that, but she has decorated with some lovely hanging things that have blue, yellow, green, red, and orange fluff balls hanging from them. What cannot be seen in the photo is the coloured crystal beads between the fluff balls. *sigh*.

What can I say? To each his or her own.

Honestly, I really AM looking forward to moving in, despite the decor. I can slap on some paint if I have to. Dunno when I can post again since I will be busy as a bee this week. Moving plus a full week of work on top. Imma be dead!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Taboo Sex

Yes, sex seems to be a taboo subject except on the most explicit blogs. Honestly, sex is something I am not really comfortable with, but it came up when I was posting a comment on Sister Mary Lisa's blog earlier today. Her post was about not being able to take the Lord's name in vain without feeling like she had committed a mortal sin. My reply was that I'd pretty much gotten over that lol. My fav curse word is the all purpose F-word. I love it, probably too much. Oh well, there are worse things in this world. At least I'm not a pedophile or into goat sex.

See, there we go again....a taboo sex subject. I happen to LIKE sex, A LOT. I mean, who doesn't? The problem is the guilt we have associated with our childhoods. You know, mom saying sex is only good when you're married kind of thing. When one grows up, one figures out that one does NOT have to be married to have great sex. Ok maybe sex is merely good for most marrieds, perhaps its absolutely fabulous for non-married folks. Or perhaps its fantastic for those that are able to get past the childhood guilt that religious people spin it out to be. I have a friend who is SO marvelous. She understands me completely. I Love reading her blog because she is so open about her sex life, what she loves, wants and needs. Her blog is totally devoted to her views on the lifestyle she has chosen...slightly to the left of the average American person, probably because it IS a lifestyle and it isn't the "we have missionary sex every Saturday night" lifestyle.

The strange thing is that my ex used to accuse me of not liking sex. Odd because I love was just that he had no idea what I liked and didn't bother to ask or try to find out in any way. I suppose that it was also my fault for not really telling him. How does one ASK for certain things? What if your partner finds your fantasies "way out there" or disgusting? Most likely they won't but the fear is that they will think we are strange at best and filthy at worst. I guess that everyone has the fantasy of their partner being the stranger picking them up in the bar or the policeman hitting on them instead of giving out a speeding ticket. What of those that fantasize of getting a spanking or being tied up or blindfolded? Is that just too much, too 'out there'?

I think the greatest thing about my partner is that he and I can communicate about everything...especially sex. It was one thing that we both insisted on from the very beginning. Given that we met on the internet and it took a year before we met in person, our interaction included quite a few pretty hot discussions. Lucky me, lucky him. I hope everyone can be so lucky too.

Total Control

I shall seek and find you. I shall take you to bed and control you. I will make you shake and sweat til you grunt and groan. I will make you beg for mercy. I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I leave you. You will be weak for days...

All my love,

The Flu

* I SO had to use this, it was too funny not to*

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy Happy New Year 2007 !

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! I hope to have a lot more to say in the coming year, not to mention hoping to sharpen my wit and writing ability.