Monday, January 14, 2008

I am sooooooo sick of being asked if I wante to be a better man

Who thinks up this spam nonsense? As IF I'd reply or even bother to look at a very misspelled or grammatically incorrect email. One would think that with all the spam filters nowadays that spammers would get over themselves and go away.

***Sigh*** I guess not. I do suppose there could possibly be some naive person out there who really does want to see if they can make their penis bigger or boobs bigger, even though they proved that those creams didn't work way back in the 70's when they were advertised in the backs of women's mags.

And on that note, something cheerier....I was bitten by a spider on my FACE! Yup, on the right side on my jaw close to my chin. I have a gorgeous reddish purple bruisy looking thing coupled with swollen lymph nodes down the front of my neck.

You know you want to ask how in the world I noticed such a thing? Well, let me tell you. When I woke up yesterday morning I felt a little itchy, on my jaw. Not so normal, but hey, sometimes things get itchy for no reason, right? Hrmph.

Go look in the mirror to see what's what. I notice the horrible double chin. Ok, so maybe I do have a little double chin, there aren't too many of us nearing 40 that don't. But THIS was like a goiter!!!!!!! All the way to my collar bone.

Stunned, I asked C~ what he thought. He saw nothing. Hrmph! Men! They don't notice nothing. Once I ended up with Ronald McDonald red hair after a terrible incident at the salon - don't ask. It's a moment I can't bear to think about. I was scarred for life. Did the Dear Husband notice? Nope, he said it looked nice and shiny. Yeah, ok, nice and shiny I got...but it ain't what I wanted that's for sure.

Got to work this morning. All eyes were riveted on my face. I was asked if I'd called the doc. Nope, I figured it was nothing. Jude dragged me to the mirror. She asked if it looked so reddish purple this morning. Nope I said. Senior supervisor sauntered over. She inspected and declared that I might be unfit for work if I didn't ring the doc asap. So I did. They wanted me in the office asap. No can do I said. Have no car, can't get there from here (funny thing about public transport, some places are nigh impossible to get to) I made the appointment for the morning like a good girl.

Hopefully my face won't fall off. At least this isn't like the rash I had 2 weeks ago. At least I could cover that up with a shirt. Don't ask yet, I'll tell all later, but only if I have to.