Friday, August 24, 2007

Tigez heer agin....

Mah mummy has lawst it yawl!!!!!! I showed herbz dis linkage I'z gotz frum mah frind Katy Da Greaty at needlenoses and welll....mum's a gawnah. Herbz bin laffin awl day. Gud to heer butt...herbz sownds kinda rattly like sumfins cummin loose inside.

I finks herz is still sik. So sad. But I fawt I'd gibs yawl da linkys too cuz dey is funny cat pikshurs.

Cute Oberlode

An mah fabrit : I can Haz Cheezburgahs

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tiger sez...."Woe iz me"

The Tigez hear :

My mummy is sick so herz habs me to hep herz wite dis fuh herz. Pweeze escwuze da mizpellings cuz I's not berry gud at diz, but I's twying.

Mummy cawt a viwuss fwum sum bad persson at dat hopsitul last weekz win herz had to habs her spine injamectid wiv dem steroidz. I tode herz dat demz steroids wuz bad fuh herbz. LOL! Gud ting shez not gwowing inee hairs on herz face yet. Hahahah! Well, I's tawt it wuz funnee but herz din't beleeb me eever.

Inneehoo, herbz has a feber ob a hunnerd an wun tewday win herz wint to da doctuh ladee and lefted me at homez all by meself....INSIDE! Can yew beleeb it? Daddy tinks imma mess on da fowah (floor) but ima gud boy joo see so I dint go at all, I jus slepted on dat comfee bed mummy an daddy gotz fer us. Dey cawls it a Kings Eyes bed, whudebber dat meenz *shwug*. I certanwee dont nose whud a Kings Eyes bed iz...I'da tawt doze wuz on duh Kingz face? Who noze, but itz a big bed an Iz likes it lots n lots.

Well I bettah go now, mummy neez me to cuddle herz and keeps herz warm now.

Lubs an kissey lixxes to youz all,