Saturday, September 22, 2007

Helluva day or day from hell?

Me gettin luvin from blue greyhound puppy

I'm honestly not sure which it is yet as it's only half over with at this point.

This morning was up at buttcrack of dawn (aka 5:01 am) for no apparent reason but was awake, so I crawled out of bed to check on Tiger. He was on the couch in the living room as he's been doing all week. It's been hot during the days and nice and cool at night, so he likes to sleep on the couch near the open windows...but not TOO close like his bed in the bedroom is, which is just under the windows.

So, got dressed into some old jeans, T-shirt, and tennis shoes then off we went to Katy's where I had a quick showing of her home and petted Tamale and Omo, then out to the car we went where we discovered that her hubby Mark had taken the nice SUV and left us with the Jeep that was too small...whilst waiting for him to get back and trade cars with us we stood under the balcony.

Standing under the balcony we chatted for a second then BAM! I was hit smack in the face with a falling Pepper (cat) who'd fallen off after being chased off by the other cat. DAMN! My glasses were on the ground and Pepper had this laid back "I'm so cool" look going on. Damn feline! Ok, quick face check, no major scratches and no broken sunglasses (prescription Ray Ban's).

Ok so that's over with and off we go to pick up baby sitter and off to the farms. We petted quite a few greyhounds and other assorted canines being kept in the kennels. Picked up 3 hounds to drop off at the next farm, then onto the 3rd farm where we saw MORE greyhounds and 2 week old greyhound puppies!!!!!!

Ohhhhhhh poopies! Such loving has never been had by yours truly. What a bunch of luvable little guys they were. Until today I'd never seen a greyhound under the age of 2 and today I got to see them from 2 weeks on up.

Tonight I'm off to the Ipswich track to pick up a foster hound named Cherry. Still don't know if I am going to take Tiger, which was the original plan, but C~ is off at paint ball and I won't get to the track til late than we'd planned so Tiger won't be able to lead the greyhounds onto the track now - as we had originally planned *sigh*.

Ah well, at least we are finally getting a foster and I will get to see an actual true to life greyhound race.

Like I said not sure whether or not it's a helluva or a day from hell yet. Piccies will be posted at later date as I forgot my camera and have to get Katy's pics from her. I got pics of me getting all loved on by little 4 month old puppies! So sweet, even if they did try to take me down like they had 'obviously' done to that steer...there were cattle rib cages all over the runs (ohhhhh scary little buggers they were LOL).

PS Just kidding about the steers, those were bones they were given to gnaw on not real cattle.