Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Phoebe "pupdate"

Dearest Phoebe, the reason for this post. I hope you have the most wonderful forever home, little girly girl. This pic is of a seriously tired pupster on Sunday evening.

Tigers nose inserted into couch cushions
I think that's what they call "dog tired"

A Grace of Hounds

Dr. Harry on stage with Harry the greyhound.

This morning Phoebe went to her forever home *pout* and I wasn't even here to say, "Goodbye"! I'll miss little Miss Phoebe, Tiger will miss her, and even C~ will miss her. She was a super foster dog to have, even if she did drag full 2 litre bottles of soda around. LOL!

She even dragged a full bottle of Canola oil to the dog bed in the bedroom. I don't EVEN want to know what she and Tiger had planned for that! At least she didn't eat a 5 kg bag of compost at our house (apparently she did at a previous foster home).

As you can see from the pics, Tiger and Phoebe were exhausted from the Gold Coast Pet Expo on Sunday. They got to meet Dr. Harry and Tiger and I got to be on stage with him as he taught the audience how to pet strange dogs properly....though I think he used greyhounds as demo dogs because they are fairly predictable unlike other breeds with strangers. Tiger just ignored the kids, and Harry (the dog not the Dr.) decided a nap on stage was in order.

When we got home, Tiger stuck his nose IN the couch and the Pheebster plonked on the floor and grinned like the looney toon she is.