Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm not sure I even want to... this. Write, that is. I don't know but it seems a bit pointless and also a mite arrogant of me at the moment. Then again, there are some things I've been working through lately and putting them down may be helpful.

I'm not depressed. In fact, just the opposite of depressed am I right now. I don't mean just this moment but in general. I feel pretty good and like I'm finally getting a handle on quite a few things in my life. Now I need to find someone to help me with the "un-shaming" process. Someone I can trust and who is non-judgmental. I also need to work with a 12-Step programme. At least the latest book I've read on this particular subject states that working on reclaiming my Inner Child and reintegrating said child back into a whole me takes doing a 12-Step programme.

To date, I've read several books by Dan Neuharth and Susan Forward and have found them helpful. Confronting, hard to read (hard as in emotionally painful and confronting), but very helpful. I'm going to keep trying even though I know it will be hard and perhaps I can use this writing to help me gauge what, if any, improvements have been made over time.