Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Every Morning it's the Same Damn Thing

It is, I swear. We have one bathroom in this ancient house of ours. And for some unknown reason, I must lawyas be the second one in the shower. Our morning conversations generally goes something like this: C~, "You could get in first". Me, "Yeah, I could, but I NEED for you to go first so I can finish my coffee". C~, "Yeah, well, I NEED for you to be ready to get in the shower as soon as I get out". Me, "Yeah, ok, sure". I am thinking the whole time, hehehe, he don't know I took a shower about half an hour before he got home, washed my hair, it looks pretty decent so I don't NEED a shower this mornin'.

Ok, yes, I always shower either right before bed, or right before work in the morning. The only time I do both is when it's a hot, sweaty night, know what I mean? We have to conserve water, so I am doing my part, whilst liberally using lots of anti-perspirant. Just so you know....we do shower everyday, and when I work where there's gross flying spit, I will shower as SOON as I get home....that's just nasty! But I didn't work yesterday, so there!

I have a temp job for the next 3 days. It's working with kids in a school today and Thursday, hrmmmm maybe I should've reconsidered. Nah, I should be ok, but I'll betcha I have a massive headache by noon. Note to self: take painkillers to work. Actually, Aussie kids are pretty well mannered, so we should have fun. It's good to have a change of pace.

Tata....can't wait to come back and complain about the little buggers later.


skinnylittleblonde said...

Ha! Our little old house only has one bathroom too. If DH gets in first...NO hot water for me. Period. I try, try, try to get him to shower at night after work since he has a dirty job & so that I may have hot water in the AM before I go to work. In the AM should I make it there first, it's usually because he is still sleeping. If he awakens, he usually tries to join me. Funny, that used to be romantic.

Slick said...

Dealing with a bunch of kids?

I have four words for ya...

"Better you than me"

IHateToast said...

we have one bathroom and one toilet. the toilet that's the late addition to the house. stuck out at the end by the laundry. and the bonus? when it rains, the poorly grouted floor gets muddy and you can smell wee from leaking pipes below the house. as we bought in the dry season, we didn't notice this. but... sigh. someday i'll get to think of buying fun things, and not new pipes.

good luck with the kids. i taught. i understand.