Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Blogs

I have, for the moment, decided to post everything HERE on blogger first and may or may not copy over to the wordpress blog to reflect what is here. If I make any changes, I will post it here first. Obviously there are a few pictures posted on the other blog that aren't over here, but that's cuz I was playing around trying to get some settings right...which still aren't to my liking, but wth. Slick sent me an email asking which blog to read, and quite rightly so lol. Read whichever suits your fancy, as I said, at the mo I'll be double posting.

Also, I THINK I have the links all done, but if I've linked to you here and not there it's most likely an oversight due to the fact that I was working on it kinda late and getting rushed to finish what I was doing by C~. So Imma blame HIM!

* for those of you that read the title BEFORE I fixed it, so sorry. See what happens before I can type properly? Which is most days before ...oh say noon. LOL

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Sideon said...

Hey there :)

I'll be moving over to WordPress too. I need a template, and then the energy on how to format the damn thing.

And to think I work with computer software all day. Ugh.