Friday, April 06, 2007

Souf Cackalacky, how I do miss thee

I shall be forever grateful to my parents for raising me in The South, and I just know you're gonna ask why, too. Why? Mostly so I can fuck with peoples heads. Especially now that I use the internet so much using "southern speak" can be quite fun. Perhaps we should term it "Typing in the Vernacular" of one's origins.

The first time I ever read anything written in vernacular was Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn. At first, it was a bit difficult, but found out soon enough that if I read it aloud to myself it made far more sense. So I took to reading it aloud out in the middle of a field sitting on a rock. Hey! There was no one out there to judge me or laugh at me either. Lately my accent seems to have become much more muddied. Generally speaking I do not have much of an accent and if someone were to peg it then they'd be off a bit since I tend to sound typically midwestern. But I think it's because I have always had somewhat lazy speech in that I took on the sounds of those I spoke to most often, which served to temper my southern dialect when I lived in New Orleans.

Also, when I was a teenager visiting a friend in Chicago, I'll never forget my humiliation at being teased mercilessly. All everyone wanted me to do was say "ya'll". It made me start looking a bit harder at my accent and what would make me "normal" if I spoke differently. So I learned to speak more slowly, which lowered the pitch as well as, made me far more conscious of the sounds coming out of my mouth. It quickly made short shrift of my accent and I sounded more like the people on tv.

Until recently, the only time I sounded southern was when first woke up, was overtired or sick or had been drinking. Then something happened. I started "hearing" myself speak as I wrote forum posts, emails, and blog posts. The weird thing was that I was hearing a southern accent, NOT my normal one. So, ya know whut? Feck it! Then came typing in vernacular. ack! Considering that I keep in touch with a lot of people via instant messenger it just started happnin' while I wuz chattin' awnlahn. whut thuh fuuuuuucckkk?

Hey-ulh fahrr! Dayum! It's gawt me! HEP ME HEP ME! I cain't stop eet!
*Hell fire! Damn! It's got me! Help me help me melp me! I can't stop it!*

No matter where I am or where I go in life I shall henceforth be true to my farkin' suthun sef, Ya'll.

*btw, I grew up in South Carolina, otherwise known as Souf Cackalacky and by Gawd I am a Gamecok blood runneth crimson and black forevah.

Speaking of Gamecocks, perhaps next time I'll write about all the innuendo laden USC Bumper stickers like my personal favorite " You can't lick our Cocks", etc... and about fond memories of 1980's college football when Joe Morrison was king of Black Magic and his Fire Ant Defense ruled the South.


skinnylittleblonde said...

LoL, the southern vernacular. I was raised in Florida but have lived off and on in Georgia for the past 25 years. The southern twang can be turned on and off at will. My mother, who is a generations old Floridian, taught me that southern accents have power. LOL. She once got pulled over for passing a cop in a no=passing zone. She never got a ticket, but made a friend and I have never heard my mother sound sooooo southern.

Mooselet said...

I lived in GA for a few years - coped a lot of shite for it for being a Yankee, let me tell you - so I'm pretty good with the southern drawl.

I've lost a lot of my Boston accent, but I can lay it on thick when I need/want to.

:::ahem::: Pahk my cah in Hahvahd yahd? Jeezuz frickin Christ you guys, that bites. Wicked pissa, you know?

Thank you, be sure to tip your waitress...

Genilimaa said...

Hi Kitten,
Had some reading up to do here, I haven't been around as much as I would have wanted to lately.

I left my accent behind me pretty quickly, and if anything people will comment of my lack of accent when they hear where I'm from. But I remember being on a radio show at age thirteen, and being really, really nervous. Lord, the accent was as thick as mud, I spoke as if I was back in that small mining village where I grew up. Haven't happened since though. Oh, maybe if I'm in company with relatives from the area...

Slick said...

Gamecocks? Girl, you need your head examined. Everybody in the SEC is supposed to pull for the Bulldawgs.

Pete Dunn said...

I was raised in Utah so I say things like... "gih thu melk from thu fridge and we'll take uht tuh thu mou-uhns."

The Prof said...

Hi Kitten,

Did you hear about the batch of cold weather we all got down here in the South over the past weekend? The crops (peaches, etc.) in South Carolina in particular were hard hit by the freezing temps. I am looking forward to missing those cold mornings when we get to Brisbane!


Mitch McDad said...

Considering the bumper sticker...thank God i didn't go to USC. as for the rest of it...I never could understand what the hell yawl are saying.

Speak english, dammit.