Friday, May 25, 2007

Smiling in the rain, just smiiiiiiling in the rain....

What a wonderful feeling....I'm hap-py A-gain.......wait, wrong words but what the hay!

Wow! This past couple of weeks has been an adventure to say the least. I went from excruciating gawdawful kill-me-now pain to less pain than I've had since '98. I'm feeling better, I'm smiling, and I've even laughed a bit the past few days.

Things are starting to look up but I'm kinda scared shitless that it will all end soon, that this is all a dream or a fairytale or something. I feel pretty cool to be honest. No ups and downs, well not many anyway and I can think clearly as well as get around and MOVE! Honestly, I do move kinda slow but it's gettin better lol.

I've done laundry and washed the dishes today and I'm still upright. I worked the past two days and haven't keeled over from walking home from the train station - which is a brisk 12-15 minute walk and believe me I walk FAST cuz it's dark early now and the streetlights aren't all that bright, not to mention we don't live in the safest neighborhood - not terrible like New Orleans, but not really great either.

Tonight I MUST get on the ball and order Tigez some pj's. He was SO cold last night after supper that he was vibrating!!! I guess that's the greyhound equivalent of shivering. Poor fella. So he slept in his coat but first I stuck him in the bed with me and covered hims up like an eskeemo, turned off the ceiling fan, and cuddled with him til he started panting from being too hot...poor thang! This took a whopping 15 minutes lol, then I had to uncover him - I was freezing btw. My new medicines make me cold instead of hot, which is a nice change of pace.....shall we say Whhooooopeeeeeeee? I'd rather be cold any day of the week than hot. I mean sheesh! one can only get so nekkid, ya know? I'd rather wear layer upon layer of clothing despite the fact that I do sort of resemble the pillsbury doughboy .... or maybe the Michelin Man? *snicker*


The Prof said...

I'm glad to read that you are feeling so much better!! I can't imagine a life with chronic back pain, but I can understand that it must affect every aspect of your life when it worsens.

Here's hoping you stay dry and warm!

Mooselet said...

Warm yes, dry no! Well, you personally can stay dry, but did you get any of that rain last night? Topped my pool up by several inches, which was wonderful! I was thisclose to having to fill it via the hose as it was going to drop below filter level.

Glad you're feeling better. Drugs are your friend!

thebellagreyhound said...

Crap I have been a bit behind in my blogreading - I am so sorry to hear about your back. I have back pain too - lets talk about it and compare drugs...! Seriously glad to hear that you are getting better. Did you get Tiger lovin to help you through?!

Genilimaa said...

Sorry to hear about your pain. But excellent if you're doing better! Let's hope it stays that way.