Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Flu Sucks

The Tigez impression of a sleeping Jedi - in plaid wool, of course.

Yep that's right, the flu sucks and I got it last week. One more thing to add to the list of what could possibly go wrong right now. Grrrrrr!

Anywho, other than that stuff seems to be moving along slowly but surely. Next month I'm scheduled for an MRI and an epidural injection of steroids to hopefully reduce the pain in my back. I'm not all that hopeful to be honest, but the insurance is covering it and at this point I'll try anything that will help, short of smearing goat poo all over myself. Oh yeah, and sex with goats is out as well, even as much as montchan seems to think it cures everything that ails you *snort chuckle chuckle snort*.

Last week was pretty nice, the weather is warmer and we had a GAP Promo at the Samford Show last Sunday. The dogs had a great time, I finally got to meet Katy the Greaty in person and not just read her blog. GuacOMOle still has a leaky willy. For your viewing pleasure I give you the linkage to Katy's manpad expose. Tigez missed Gracie who seems to be his favorite girly greyhound who belongs to Brooke. Tiger actually was SO OVER the standing up all day thing while at a Promo and he did lie down, hey! I have piccies to prove it, too!

It was great, especially after we found some spinach and cheese rolls (like sausage rolls without the sausage lol) and I bought 2 so I could share with my boy...and of course I had to share with the other food hounds as well *sigh*. But it was much nicer to intentionally share than what Mister Wally booger was doing. He tried to sneak our tea cakes off the table and ended up getting scolded but not before chomping on a mouthful of yummy plastic container whilst dragging the cakes off the table. Don't worry, the cakes were saved by yours truly and Wally was given a treat so he wouldn't think I was mad at him.

Other than that the day was nice, we talked to lots of potential adopters and Katy and I drooled over things remembered from back home that we just can't get know, like REAL Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream or truly excellent Mexican food. What else are southern wimminses gonna talk about except food? Hehehehe.

Oh wait, And I almost forgot Banjo, another of Brooke's boys. He's "special" but seems to get along with Tiger nicely, they even had a bit of a snuggle during the show.

Pics later but now I gotta run. Master of the house, C~ himself calls, and we MUST watch Doctor Who episodes before we retire.


IHateToast said...

well you could have a leaky bit yourself, but you don't. so it's better than a flu with wee.

if i had scads of money, i'd share a trip back to the u.s. for brooke. we could all just hop in a car from chicago, do rte 66 (stay for a while in the 4 corners region), fly to el paso, drive across the south (really fast through mississippi eek!) and then up the east coast to maine and then down to amish land. fly out of ohio.
and in every state, we could make her eat something weird. catfish? whatelse?

get better, phlegmbot.

Mooselet said...

Everyone here at our house - all 6 of us - is sick. I'm so over it it's not funny. It needs to be spring - now!

thebellagreyhound said...

Gwacie lurves Tiger back : )