Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'd like to thank the Academy... I mean uhhhhh Dupont *ahem*

It's freakin' winter and I'm dreaming of salads?!? Just what the frack is going on here? I think this is Mother Nature's way of screwin' with my poor little mind in just one more way, LOL!

I've only been here a year and a half and my body still thinks it's time for Summer although at the same time I'm terribly grateful for the much cooler weather we are having. Or should I just go ahead and say it's FREAKING COLD!!!!!!! BRRRrrrr!

Yup, last night it got down to 6 degrees Celsius, for the rest of us folks that is 33 F. A Wee bit too cool when one has no insulation to speak of in one's house. At this time I'd like to take a brief moment to thank the Dupont company for making carpet fibres.... Oh hell yeah I'm grateful for that carpet in my bedroom because the rest of my house qualifies as a meat locker between 4 pm and 12 noon. I'd also like to thank my husband for granting me the opportunity to turn the teensy electric heater all the way up to maximum every night and tolerating flannel sheets as well.

Now I shall take a bow, exiting stage left. I'm off to snuggle up to my male heaters a.k.a. C~ and The Tigez ( better known as The Hubby and The Faithful Dog) cuz mah tootsies are coooooold, ya'll.


thebellagreyhound said...

Oh yeah! - hounds and husbands are the best for warmth!

Genilimaa said...

What??! I thought winter in Australia meant like a 5°C drop from the regular 40°C level??

Sister Mary Lisa said...

That's cold?! We walk around in shorts and t-shirts in temps like that in Montana!!! Sheesh.