Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'd sell my soul for a jar of Grape Jelly, ya'll

WOW !!!!! An entire week has gone by and I have zilch to show for wait, I do have SOMETHING. I got a temporary contract with the government - doing the same job but in another location.

Hrmmmmm. Not too shabby me thinks. Also in my new place of employment, which we all know is the dental field, we don't have to see emergency patients. Yipppeeeeeeee kai yayyyyyyy! Nope , none at all. Good for me and good for you!

To make up for that this past week has been hell on wheels. I think I helped take out more teeth in 5 days than I did in the last 6 months. I think more fillings were done, too. How does that work? I dunno but it feels that way.

I even got a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from everyone on Friday at lunch...they even had lunch for me brought it. Ok, we all chipped in and paid $5 for a ginormous platter of sammies from Subway, plus all kinds of chips and dips and desserts, and choccies galore.

SO, I start the new job on Monday, but have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off. Hehehe, life is so unfair. Actually, those days were already scheduled off for me as I'm going in bright and early on Tuesday to have an epidural injection of steroids ... wait for it....!!!!!!! Ewwwwwwww. Doesn't sound good to me either, ya'll. But the doc insists that it MAY work. I guess if it does work then I could get some decent pain relief for up to 6 months. Then Wed. is a public holiday for us Queenslanders for the Ekka. Then Thursday I'm taking off just to be sure I'm a-ok to go back to work on Friday. Then the next week I'm up for an MR, woooohoooooo...2 hours in a tube, what a day to look forward too.

Back to the spine thingy. Nope, I'm not looking forward to it, but I'll be seriously sedated so I won't remember a thang. How cool is that? Apparently it's conscious sedation so I will be a wandering zomberina afterwards LOL! Can't wait to see the pictures? Me neither, perhaps I can be persuaded to share... send me lots of get well packets of Ranch Dressing mix, Smucker's Grape Jelly, and a REAL Mars Bar and we'll talk, k?

Okies, Imma run now so I can go watch something on the tube before I crash cuz tomorrow C~ and I are gonna flaunt The Tigez at the Ekka - GAP is having a promo in the doggie arena. Hopefully I won't forget the camera!

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IHateToast said...

oooh, make a mosaic with those teeth