Thursday, December 27, 2007

Long time no see ya'll!

Good heavens! I forgot that I haven't posted in ages and ages. Christmas has come and gone and our household has been in turmoil! Bunny, sweet Bunny has gone to live in her forever home with her new brother Freddo, the gorgeous cream brindle. Tiger, below is lying around as usual
and keeping himself entertained. He is SO OVER having foster sisters. He had a blast when Freddo came to visit.

This pic is on Miss Bunny Boo's last roach on my side of the bed. Isn't she adorable? I like this pic because she was smiling, I'd been rubbing her belly.

This is Gypsy, our newest foster. Please ignore the tall grass, we've had so much rain there hasn't been time to cut it and finally C~ broke down and cut it in the rain yesterday.

Anyway, that's the back corner where the compost pile is, so it's not a high priority but it's where the greys love to graze on our "organic" grass.

Gypsy is a cutie pie. Tiger is still pissed off that Bunny is gone, he's been pining away. For Christmas we had a quiet time punctuated with a couple of family parties. C~ bought me some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, something that's really hard to come by - I'm guessing he found it at some specialty shop in the city. I also got a Butterfingers Candy Bar, greyhound t shirt and assorted other goodies. All were wonderful! Hubby got a Weber Smokey Joe grill and accessories. It's our first BBQ grill together. He was hoping for a big gas grill but I'd rather wait on the great big monster til we have our own I love charcoal grills. Maybe we will move up to the bigger kettle grill that can use both charcoal and gas.

We did our first steaks on it tonight and I'll be darned if they weren't the best I've had in Oz and that includes the one at Lone Star!!!!! Well, what can I say? I prefer my steaks with seasonings on them LOL!!!!!

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Sideon said...

Midas and our kitties send their holiday greetings and happy new year barks (and meows) your way :)

Hugs hugs!