Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm Pissed off bigger than shit

Yeah, you'll never guess why either.

My .... Frickin frackin, goshdarn farkin PARENTS have gotten back together!!! I'm horrified, mortified, and every other absofuckinggoddamnedlutely -FIED you can possibly think of.

Oh yeah, Mom said it's because she no longer feels bitter so now it's all OK. WHAT THE FUCK???????

What part of "Dad has not changed ANY since she's been gone" has she forgotten? Her answer? She can help him.

Please oh PLEASE someone deliver me from codependency hell before I lose my mind....again. Yeah, you know you thought that "again" part, didn't ya'll? LMAO

At this moment I shall say no more, except I think my sense of humour just might be returning.

I promised myself I would NOT write another poor me my life sucks nobody loves me no one understands why don't she write kind of post. Enuff wallowing, done over gone.

Love to you all for putting up with a dumbass like me for a half assed worthless blogger that I....pfffft fuck, ok last time I do that. pinky swear.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Even if my Mom were alive, I'd vehemently protest her and my Dad ever getting back together again!

Good luck in that situation...