Sunday, May 03, 2009

It's Sunday...

and it's one of those days where the Winter chill is in the air in the mornings and evenings. It's the kind of night where I want to settle in with a bowl of Cream of Tomato soup and a grilled ham and cheese sammy.

Alas, hubby is sick and craving pizza so we ordered from Eagle Boys. Loveliest pizza we've had from there yet. BBQ meat lovers, a margarita style on thin crust, and a pepperoni pizza are what we ordered. Good Lord a'mighty! We'll be eating pizza all week! I think we had 3 small pieces each.

Now I'm off to check out the new show Merlin, then Masterchef. I'm hooked on Masterchef!

I dream of being good enough to do something like that, but unfortunately I'm not.

I missed the Fish Market Episode so I'm trying to catch up as I write this. I'm in a huffy, LOL!!! Next episode begins in an hour and Merlin is on NOW!!!! grrrr.


Anonymous said...

tomato soup and grilled cheese sammie? I'm in a mood for that anytime! too bad you didn't get that, but at least you enjoyed the pizza!
poor hubby... I hope he gets better soon!
hmm...those tv shows sound so good, I think I might watch them too, esp Masterchef...can you watch them online?

kitten said...

Yeah, poor hubby AND poor me lol. He's so grumpy I could ... I don't even KNOW hehehe, I hate it when grumpy people are sick. Myself included. I think I'm worse than anyone I know. As far as I know You can watch it online. Sometimes when you're not in the same country you cannot. We can't catch up on USA programmes here, one gets a little blurb stating " This program is not available outside of the USA". Masters of the obvious, huh. If you CAN get them, they are pretty a different perspective to see food from another country. Being here has made me far more adventurous.