Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Thanksgiving aftermath

Oh yes, there was an aftermath, and I suffered greatly! Oh MY! I had an interview on Monday morning at 7:30 and didn't think I was going to make it. Thank God I'd showered and washed my hair Sunday night after all the rellies left. I could barely see straight. My feet are still killing me. Egads, even my hands hurt.

I cooked from 9:30 am Sunday morning until 6:30 pm Sunday night when the first guest arrived. There were orignally supposed to be 12, but ended up being 10, which seemed somewhat more manageable, though it truly didn't make any difference, except in how many leftovers there were.

I think it was a hit, the only thing not really eaten was the salad, But that's okey dokey. The FIL hit the leftover mashed potatoes and dressing like he'd been in jail and starving for the last 10 years. I counted 3 completely full SKILLETS! about 2 inches deep that he ate within the course of one day...Don't ask me why he didn't use the microwave. Ah well they were meant to be eaten.

The best part though was the broken airconditioning! Yep. I cooked all day with only a couple of fans and the windows all open, with the outside temp about 80 degrees with around 75% humidity. Can you imagine what it felt like inside the kitchen? That's why we had dinner after dark, so it would at least be cool enough to sit and eat a hot meal.

I was really surprised at how good I did, though. This was the first time I'd ever made cornbread dressing, and I had to make my own "poultry seasoning" to use in it. Honestly, it was great, still not as good as my mom's but still quite edible. C~ wanted some with apples in it cuz he thought they would be good, I dunno because I didn't bother to taste it. But lots of people ate it. So I'd made 1 large batch and 1 small one for C~. I even toasted and caramelised some pecans with the apples for it...nice touch *grin*. I only wish i'd picked up some chestnuts instead when I saw them on sale last week. It's been ages since I've had sage & chestnut stuffing.

....And speaking of food, it's time for a turkey sandwich for supper. So, until next time when I have something infintely more interesting to write....here's sending you some mashed potato wishes and turkey filled dreams.


Genilimaa said...

Wow, a warm day...I long for a warm day!
We never get to enjoy that wonderful combination of warmth and dark evenings over here, though. Sigh.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Well, I am glad it was a hit! It's a lot of work, but the left-overs are great!

kitten said...

SLB:Leftovers are SO worth it!
Gen: Well, you want to do a house switch sometime? I'm dying for snow! Come on down and enjoy the 80% humidity...it was 34 C today with 80% humidity by 10 am. Yessiree, I was sweating before I walked out the door at 6:30 this morning. *thinking heavenly thoughts: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow*