Saturday, December 02, 2006

Greatest Movie I've ever seen....The Prestige

Oh yes, The Prestige is TRULY the most diabolical movie. Filled with incredible twists and turns, and guaranteed to give you the shivers.

Last night, C~ decided to take me to the movies. A notable event to be sure, since going to the movies over here in Oz can be a pretty expensive adventure. I was quite excited! hey I was going to see Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale in one movie. WOW!

But of course, some teenage girls decided they MUST ruin our movie watching "experience". Screw THAT, I thought as they sat throughout the beginning previews constantly chattering like magpies; and when the movie started, I nicely turned around and asked them to be quiet since the movie had started. They proceeded to make fun of the "old lady" in front of them. A few moments later, I asked nicely again for them to please be quiet so we could at least hear the movie. Oh no, they just twittered away making snide remarks.

So, I calmly got up even though I was fuming. I'm certain the steam could be seen coming out of my ears! I asked to see the manager and then explained to her what was going in and I expected that she would probably go in and tell them to be quiet. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! She hauled the entire row of gawking giggling girls OUT. I was dumbfounded! I guess she took my complaint pretty seriously, which I totally did not expect. Well, hopefully the teeny boppers will think twice about making fun of some other "old lady" again.

All I can say is that if you want to be thoroughly astounded at a movie, then go see The Prestige. It was great! Oh and here's a link for IMDB, but don't go there unless you wish to see a bit of a spoiler!


Reel Fanatic said...

I wish I had your power .. whenever I feel the need to complain about kids being disruptive, they just a get a warning and start up again five minutes later .. and The Prestige was indeed great

kitten said...

Well, reel fanatic, perhaps it was because it happened here in Australia? I'm not certain of that though. Perhaps the manager decided that I was pretty upset, as I'd missed the first 10 minutes of the movie, first from not being able to hear, and then from having to wait for her to show up to hear my complaint. By that time I was quite furious. Again, it's quite expensive to see a movie here in Brisbane. The average cost is $15 AUD for 1 person at a Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinema. Not to mention another $10 for a small coke and popcorn that bears no resemblance to the hot and freshly popped popcorn "Back Home" in the USA. Also no such thing as buttered popcorn either lol. Who knows? Perhaps I've just perfected the outraged female that makes people NOT want me to make a scene...who the heck knows.

Genilimaa said...

What was C~ doing in the meantime? Watching the movie, eating popcorn? He he he he.

Years back, I went on my own to see "Shine". I had to hush and give the evil eye twice to a row of 60+ year-old ladies. They chatted away as if they were in someone's living room!
It was quite funny, though, seeing their heads turned at the same time to stare at me, all looking offended and turning noses up. Almost like synchronised swimming!

Miss Misery said...

I saw the Prestige a while ago, I really enjoyed it.

And I hate teeny boppers. Who makes fun of an old lady? Jeesh.