Monday, January 29, 2007

Owie freakin OWWwwwww

Yeah that's what I said. OW! Damnit ouchie poo, too. Mama always said God doesn't give us more than we can handle but somedays I think He toys with me way too darn much. Why oh why does it sometimes feel like I'm a hundred and thiry-eight instead of 37, nearly 38? Woke up this am it was barely 4:30 am and I'd not even gone to sleep til after 11. C~ made me stay up and watch the last of the Cricket match between NZ and Australia. It WAS an awesome game, especially the ending overs. Australia barely one by 8 balls! Talk about close call. McGrath pulled it out on the end making up for all the shitty fielding he'd done earlier. I also have to commend the NZ batters, wow!

Anywho, the reason I'm sitting here at 5 am is because I had some awful bloody (literally bloody) dream involving dogs. An accident in the dream, totally horrific to wake up to, then the pain came about 5 minnutes after I was coherent enough to understand the signals body sends to was instant OWIE time. That's sorta like Hammer time, but not as much fun....dancing is optional, depending on the owie factor.

For those who don't know, I had tumour removed from spinal cord nearly 4 yrs ago. Medical term is laminectomy. What it IS is this : I'm left with NO bony covering over my spinal cord between my shoulder blades on 2 vertabrae. They cut all the muscles in my back and lots of nerves too. Sometimes if I'm touched on one side, it feels like the touch comes from the other side. Truly wierd feeling, especially when it's a fingernail or when I scratch my own back. What I'm left with is chronic, daily pain...without medicine it's off the charts, want to jump off bridge kinda feeling. With daily meds it's generally good. I know it's there, but it's a dull thumping 5 - 7 on a scale of 1 - 10. This am it was good solid 9 1/2....not weeks lol that'd be supa! But I wanted to slam my toe on the new chest at the end of the bed to make it hurt less, cuz it ain't time for me medicine, gotta wait at least til 6. At least here Down Under we can buy codeine OTC and that helps in times like this. So does writing. If you're totally in the dark now. I take a 12 hour time release medicine which is the equivalent of 20 mg of codeine, not a whole lot, not even a Tylenol 3! But whatever, it works and I'm forever thankful for aussie medicine and doctors. So, like now I just take a couple short acting panadeine and all is well for another hour (as I grit my teeth and correct yet another typo pfft snort, "well, uh huh, shhhuuuure it is well). i hate typose more than any other , forget grammar. I suck at it, always have always will...but spelling is another matter entirely and I get serious about that. I am a spelling slut from hell.

Ok Doggie time now. SO! I have been tentatively offered my choice of two dogs. One is named Tiger, the other is Dee. Ugh on the names btw. Must change, hubster agrees wholeheartedly. Tiger is leaving what was supposed to be his forever home because he snapped at a 5 yo. My guess is that 5 yo is FULL ON lol and Tiger was having none o' that mess. Fine by me, I have zero kiddieos. Dee is a bit of a mystery right now. So far, I know that she is a bit shy of dogs in the distance and reacts in some way. Howling? Whining? Not sure. The other odd thing is that she cannot be spayed. Apparently, the vet went to do it and said her uterus is the size of a small kittens and cannot rtemove it for some reason. Now, we know of no logical reason for this, even the hormones shouldn't have done that. Racing dogs take hormones to prevent pregnancy, kinda like some women doggies *grin*. Now the vet wants to take an ultrasound in 1 yr to check again. I do not know if this means that sha cannot get preggers. Don't have a problem dealing with the heat thing, though I know if I foster it may cause some extra sniffing and stuff lol and lotsa licking. That's what they make little girlydog panties for *sigh*. It prevents stuff getting on furniture and floors in case you were wondering. 'Nuff said.

So, this coming Saturday, C~ and I will day trip to the North Side of the city and have a looksee at them both. Note to self: need to look at stand alone freezers. We plan on using the BARF diet. and it's easier to just buy it and freeze it...also gotta find who stocks it over here. Ok, time for walkies since the sun is kinda up. Ciao peeps.


Miss WTF said...

Heya Kitten, I've come via the Mooselet. You're good was the cricket last night. Very exciting! I thought the Kiwis might give us a hiding for a while there but I think the rain took the wind out of their sails a bit. But... I digress.

Dogs.... definitely go with Tiger! Why, you ask? Well, my sig is Miss WTF (no it doesn't stand for the traditional "what the?", it's Miss Wests TIGERS Fanatic. I rest my case. :-)

Thanks for letting me drop by, I'll be back...with friends. Cya

Adele said...

You lucky thing! I have met both Dee and Tiger.
Tiger is a GORGEOUS blig blue brindle boy, I would have stolen him for myself if he was cat safe!
Seriously, everyone will tell you how beautiful your dog is if you get him.
Dee is a sweet little black girl, and she is little. I dropped her at the vet the day she was meant to be spayed and freaked out when they rang to tell me about the ovaries, poor girl.
Either way you will have a lovely dog. *go for Tiger! :-)

IHateToast said...

ouch on the back... that's horrible. .glad you can get codeine. codeine makes my nose it something awful. but it knocked out the post surgery pain instantly!

barf and roo... scotch fingers are a good treat (advised to me by a greyhound vet), and sardines for some oil. yummay!

Mooselet said...

Dee sounds as if she'll be a lot of work and lots of medical bills. If you do decide on her get a second opinion on the spaying.

I do love greyhounds despite owning two (really dumb) German Shepherds.

Tors said...

Hey Kitten, I know next to zilch about dogs (my mom was very much the Crazy Cat Lady), but good luck with your decision! Too bad you can't take both.

And sorry to hear about your back. Good thing for OTC codeine. *g*

Genilimaa said...

No boney part over parts of the spinal chord? So it had to be removed together with the tumour? Sounds like a serious operation.
Wow. And you made it.