Saturday, February 03, 2007

And then there were two...

Yeah TWO! I have to choose grrrrrrrr! This morning we went to see Tiger and Dee, the potential doggie adoptees. Both are gorgeous and sweet. Both have what I'd love to have in a dog. Why oh why can't I roll them up into one? Life is so unfair.

Both of them took to C~ instantly. WTF am I, chopped liver? Nooo they might actually LIKE that! Both ignored me and went straight to him. Perhaps he was giving off some "I just lost my best friend" vibes they picked up on. Earlier this week, his parents put their 13 yo poodle, Colonel, to sleep. C~ has been really torn up about it. He grew up with him and I can imagine what he's been feeling this week, especially with us due to go look at two dogs. I imagine a bit like a traitor, but I'm hoping a new dog for us will help that.

Anywho, after much driving to the north side of the city, we arrived at Dee's foster home first. Dee wiggled and waggled, and grinned and goofed off for us a little while we talked with Nicola, her temporary mom. We decided to put on her muzzle and go for walkies down to the park. SHe was such a good girl! She kept acting like a silly thing, rubbing her nose/muzzle on our legs a few times, then settled into the walk like a pro (which she apparently is). We had a sit down, a few scratches and pats, even a few kissies, and then had to give her back. When we were leaving, she followed us down the length of the fence only stopping when she got to the end of her yard. So we stoppped and gave her a goodbye pat and felt we must surely have her, wishing we could take her with us right then. But alas, we must go visit Tiger. Dee is a beautiful black girl....not so little as I was led to believe, she's about 29 kgs. *Sigh*

Onto visit Tiger who is living with a foster family out in the BOONIES! Oh yeah, people out there actually have property! Whoa, am I ever jealous and would love to live way out there in Pine Rivers Shire. It's unbelievable! Rolling hills, beautiful new homes *drool*, I could go on and on, but I'll go on to Tiger.
Tiger greeted us at the door. All of 4 feet tall, I'd swear! He's so tall! No wonder he's called Tiger, he's all striped and when lying down he looks like a fawn and black zebra or a giraffe with stripes. I was told he is blue, but now he's more fawn with blue stripes. He even has a little sexy eyeliner and lipstick (gothy black, of course, as only a grey will have). We came in and I promptly sat down on the floor next to him and his bed and played squeak the toy (I'm a well trained monkey), he just looked at me as if I'd gone off my rocker! *gasp* Anywho, his foster carer took us outside and into the paddock where we found a BALL! I was raring to go play ball with this beautiful creature. Pam warned me that he likes to run after the ball, pick it up and then drop it....way far away from you. He doesn't fetch. Hrrrrrmmmmm, we shall see about this no fetchy thing. I screamed in my best high pitched girly voice, "Come on Tiiiigerrrr, come on! Let's play ball!!!!" Threw the ball, he took off at a gentle gallop and brought me the ball! Twice he brought me the ball...after that, he just went off to greet the next door neighbor dogs, a german shepherd mama and her pup that were sticking their heads through the large fence wanting pats and scratches, too. I obliged them then took off after the wayward Tiger to see if I could interest him in more play but he wasn't having any of that, so off we went for a walk on leash. He did great! What a guy!

Once inside, Tiger fell asleep on the floor completely ignoring us crazy humans. We chatted with Pam for a bit, then off we went to the door. Tiger followed, but only after much calling to see if he wanted to say bye bye to us...I guess he figured if he wanted to be in the running for a new home, he'd better comply. More pats and scratches and off we went.

Now we are home to debate who it shall be. Good heavens it's gonna be hard to choose!

On the one hand, I think Dee, then I think Tiger...and on and on it goes. I may just have to draw straws.


Adele said...

Tell me about it, I feed them, I walk them, I play with them, I pick up the poo and who do they think is god? Pete, he gets full helicopter tails and kissy licks.
But at the end of the day they always choose my lap to rest their heads in and I can't ask for more than that.

IHateToast said...

i wouldn't worry too much about fetch. it's not in their nature for the most (sight hounds, not retrievers). i just adjust the game. many i have had loooove to play with a tennis ball on their own. toss it up, watch it bounce, go all goofy. when i tried to teach a few to fetch, after so many returns, they all finally just looked at me as if to say, "listen, you don't seem to take care of this ball, so i'm taking it over there. you had your chance, you ungrateful woman!"

Mooselet said...

Waving to you from Pine Rivers shire!! Yes, it is lovely up here in the boonies without having my neighbours right on top of me. My two German Shepherds love the open space (2 acres... jealous yet? Until it comes time to mow it)to run around and chase magpies and plovers.