Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am tired, Seriously

Yes yes I know. Everyone is tired. But when I got home tonight I had the most wonderful reception a la Tiger that you can imagine. All whirly birdy tail action goin' on. It was awesome coming home to that. Poor guy, outside all day and Mama forgot da boy's play toys. I am such a bad Mama *sigh*. I did remember to give him a bone before I left, so it wasn't like he had nothing to occupy him all day long, so don't feel too bad for the po' old critter bug.

Sunday afternoon the hubs and I went down to the local cinema and saw Hannibal Rising. Oh yeah, was that ever an incredible movie. I din't get skeered outta my mind like when I saw Silence of the Lambs, nor was I grossed out either. That made me really happy, now I want to not only go back and see all of the films, but also read the books. Egads, I probably won't get any sleep for yonks.

I'll try to write more about it later as I'm so tired, but not only did this virtual unknown (Gaspard Ulliel) do an excellent job in playing the young Hannibal, he captured Hannibal as Anthony Hopkins did. Not to mention that Gaspard Ulliel is quite the good looking frenchman.


Cheeky said...

You MUST read the books - MUST MUST MUST. I read Hannibal rising in 2 days a week before the movie. INCREDIBLE. I have also read the other books too. Soooo goood!

Leesa said...

I saw your review; this was not what I expected. Good luck with the blogging!

kitten said...

Cheeky : have read them all so far,. but I intend to re read them before getting to Hannibal Rising (Hubby reminded me that it's what he wants for His Birthday).

Leesa : Thanks for visiting my oh so unexpected blog (I know just what you meant *grin*). BTW, thank you very much for the nice comment and please come back anytime.

kitten said...

testing testing

Vulgar Wizard said...

The books are AWESOME! Do read them all. He has another book called "Black Sunday," I think; haven't read it yet.