Friday, February 23, 2007

Tigger went surfing...

Tiger looking up at me with those big beautiful and innocent (HAH!) eyes of his. This is a pic of him on his bed, well sort of. he's surrounded by a cuddle U pillow, regular pillow so when he roaches at night he won't bang his head or feet on the night stand, a wool blankie, a fleece blankie, and my afghan (bottom left red blanket).

My lovely dog decided to go counter surfing this morning. C~ made himself some sandwiches from the corned beef I cooked last night and left a few bits and pieces on the cutting board to add to Tiger's breakfast. I forgot it (the corned beef, not Tiger's brekky) and it was still sitting on the cutting board as I sat down to have a cup of coffee. I watched as Tiges came sniffing around the counter and became REALLY interested in the meat. HAH! I thought watching him. The cutting board was ever so slightly hanging over the edge and it hit me that this would be the way to teach him NOT to counter surf. It would fall off if he put his feet on it I knew, so I waited. He turned and looked at me guiltily, then sloooooowly turned back to face THE MEAT. His feet left the ground quickly and as they hit the board I yelled NO! The cutting board fell with a mighty clatter and Tiger ran into the next room. You should have seen his poor face, it was entirely too funny as he peeked around the corner to check out the destruction. I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair, but avoided it... just barely.

Being the neat and tidy woman that I am, I cleaned it all up, then surreptitiously plopped the meat into his bowl and called him over to eat it. He looked so pitiful!

In a pig's eye!

Guess what the sweet little dog of mine, I mean monster did next? Go on GUESS! After he scarfed down the last little bits, he wandered off into the living room for some much needed shut eye. A few moments later I heard him whimpering so I went over to see what was the matter. When i sat down next to him on the sofa, I noticed the mangled bit of greenish blue metal and plastic between his paws. MY GLASSES!!!!!!! My freaking GLASSES! The little monster has eaten my glasses and there is no such thing here as insurance on glasses!. Farkin hell! Now I have to go out and get new ones, and I was just making the point to hubs that I desperately needed prescription sunglasses since mine are from 1998. So, no sunglasses for me now, at least not for a little while. I cannot believe this. *shakes head* How did this happen, I wonder, I have never had a dog chew up anything really important before. I'm just dumbfounded and nearly speechless. Well, at least I have another older pair of glasses that I can wear until I get new ones, they are just scratched a bit so it will need to be soon *sigh*.


IHateToast said...

i've had some fosters that have taught me to put everything away. also if you catch in the act, then immediately scold and swap for a proper toy, you'll find he just wants a chew. doesn't have to be the glasses. they probably just smell the most like you.

and a water gun. aimed at the tushy. cures counter surfing. unpleasant, but not mean. never at the face.
he's just sussing you out.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Awww....that's a bummer about the glasses. Ihatetoast had wonderful advice. Work closely with him & he'll turn out every bit as well-behaved as he is sweet & loving.