Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Template

I'm not certain if I like this new template, but I'm going to try it out for a bit. Let me know what you think. Perhaps I shall go back to the old one as I like pink (it IS my favorite colour).

I'm home sick today *sigh*. One of them things. Went to the chiropractor last night. Boy was I a mess. My body seems to trash itself on a regular basis, so I go weekly. Well this week even my chiro was surprised. I'd somehow managed to dislocate a small bone in my left ankle, as well as, mess up my hips something terrific. I think it's time to flip the mattress, only I don't have the energy to do it, but damn if I don't need some sleep....I haven't slept in 2 nights. Well, at least I have ac in the bedroom, so I may as well go flip the mattress and see if I can get a few hours of shuteye. I will attempt to post something worthwhile. I have a few things in mind, but so far they are just random and incomplete thoughts.

Someone suggest a topic. Please? I can't seem to gather my thoughts here lately so pretty much everything has been random.

BTW, doe sanyone know how or where I can go to find code to roll up my blog lists? I have no clue how to do it and my side bar has gotten completely out of control lol.


mist1 said...

I tried flipping my mattress once. I got it half way over before it came crashing down on me.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Topic ideas:

Why women like to please others

Why corn chips go stale so quickly

Is nature proof of God's existence?

The one big thing you wish you had done but never did

Why some people are blessed with no zits, yet some people have to deal with them for eternity

Mooselet said...

I have to say black doesn't suit your personality - you're far too upbeat (usually)! There are heaps of free templates out there - although most of them don't use the new Blogger features yet - if you're unhappy with the standard Blogger fare.

That said - I like how you've separated your blogs into categories and their titles. I don't know how to roll them up - try to Google it maybe? It would no doubt mean getting into the HTML code, but if you're comfortable with that go for it!

I have to admit that when I'm not in a creative mood I reach for the old standby quizes and/or memes. Not very original, but it gets me past the hump.

kitten said...

mist1: Lucky for me we have a really, really cheap mattress, like $150 cheap, but we also have a really nice mattress pad from IKEA. Here (in OZ) most ppl seem to have platform beds, the box springs are kinda strange. Anywho, so I was able to flip it pretty easy.

SML: Sounds like great topics, will give them some thought.

Mooselet: yeah, I see that now, I switched back to the pink for now. I'm looking at Wordpress, which I can get a free account on, but I'll be checking more into it later. They only have a few free templates. THough hbs just came by and told me all the webcomic artists he reads have wordpress and they hate it cuz it's buggy. I'll be checking around. I don't really care to pay and I don't know anything about html so I can't do cool stuff like you and montchan have like with your headers. So I'll keep on searching.

Sideon said...

Good morning!

I hope you're feeling better and taking care of yourself, not just today, but every day.

I'm shopping for a new template, too. I wish I knew the code for the rollup - I don't have a clue! If I find anything interesting, I'll shoot you a note.


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Mooselet said...

My mad HTML skillz are very limited to a few lines of code that I can copy and paste. The rest I pay for. Not a lot of money, but enough to get me what I want. I'm in the market for a new look and I wish I had good graphic skills to do it.

Slick said...

My HTML skills are pretty much like my math skills. Non existant.

I'd help you flip it...just gotta promise me there ain't no pee stains on it cause that's just nasty and I ain't gonna touch it.