Saturday, May 05, 2007

Da Plane! Da Plane!

This is a cute shot of Tigez watching our lorikeet friends in the backyard. What's cool is that he is SO intent on them. He isn't afraid of birds if they come swooping over him - well, so far he hasn't been dive-bombed by pissed off magpies lol.

He is also attuned to airplanes. It's just cool as heck watching him as he first hears the plane thentilts his head up, scanning the sky until the plane is in his sights and he stands there like a statue watching the plane fly overhead until it's completely gone, then he goes on about his business of sniffing out every corner of the yard...which he MUST do at least 3 times daily lmao!
He's like a guard dog sniffing his territory - too cute.

BTW, this pic is in our backyard, so on the upper left hand corner you can just see the edge of a bedroom window. Not much of a patio, but the carport is nice and big, we never park the car in it to give Tiger more play room.


skinnylittleblonde said...

OMG Tigerz is so beautiful! I love his coat...beleive it or not, it is much like my Marbeline's... she's a Heinz57 dog. Gawd, I love them dogs! Thank you for sharing!

kitten said...

I do have other pics in previous posts, this wouldn't be my favorite pic by far as the colour is just too washed out. Tiger is a blue brindle which makes his face look somewhat like ash in certain lights. I think it's because this particular colour greys heavily in the face, becoming white starting about 4 yrs of age (which is how old Tiger is). Most pics of older brindles show just how white their faces get. Some people have called them ghost dogs because of that.

The Prof said...

Do all greys look at things in the sky? I have never thought of them as bird dogs, but perhaps that's the case?

thebellagreyhound said...

He looks so cute! And such a brave guard dog...he will let them in and lick them until they are all wet and need to leave!

kitten said...

Nope not bird dogs, but sight hounds. A sight hound can see small objects up to a 1/4 mile away (at least I think it is, may be farther). Generally sighthounds won't follow a ball with their eyes, they need to see it travelling just above the ground for some reason...whereas a shepherd will follow the ball from your hand to wherever it needs to run and catch it. Sighhounds were bred to follow (and overtake)large and small game running along the ground, which is one reason they are so swift, surefooted and single-minded in their running (have to watch out or they can get blindsided easily - one of the reasons sometimes for dogs bumping into each other at the track).