Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dog Tired

We awoke this morning to rain. Yippeeeeeee! Boy oh boy do we need rain and lots of it. But this made for a really tired puppers and moi. This is what Tigez looked like yesterday when we got home from the Ipswich Show. We went with several others to promote GAP to potential new adoptive parents and foster carers.

This is a REALLY tired boy and he doesn't mean to look so cute, but he can't help it.

Here we are just hanging out as the day sort of winds down, a few of the dogs were off for walks while it was slow. That's me petting Fred. You can't really see it well but Fred has the bushiest tail I've seen on a greyhound... it looked a bit like a possum tail, in fact, Fred was pretty fluffy ALL over. In the front of the pic as Taz (standing black female) and Amy (brindle lying down).

A good time was had by all, but it left those in our house kind of winded and down for the count. We got in, had supper and I started feeling a bit off, so I headed to bed and I think I was comatose for about an hour when I noticed that there was no hubby or pooch present. Hrmmm, a situation I needed to remedy fast. Tigez was passed out on the sofa, hubs in front of his computer. Tiger followed me back to the bed and curled up with me while I called out to hubby to come watch some tv whilst I was still sort of awake.

One out of two ain't bad in some cases. I fell asleep with Tiger on one side and hubby on the other only to wake a little while later with Tiger not having moved a muscle (unusual but not surprising since he was so tired) and hubby having rolled over and had my t-shirt pinned underneath him and I couldn't move. Aaaack!

Ok, shoved dog off bed, extricated myself from underneath C~ and drifted back to sleep. What a day, it was fun but I think I need a few days to recover.

Oh I'll bet you're wondering what happened to me. Well, last week a migraine had its way with me for 4 days and by the time I recovered it was time for weekly cleaning and back to work 3 days this week. I was pretty busy with all the stuff I had to do after being out of commission for so long. Not to mention I didn't want to read anything that might make that headache come back, so my online time was really limited.

Anywho, I'm back and feeling a bit better. I'm slowly catching up on reading blogs and housework (there's always more of that to do).


Donna said...

Very cute dog....great *smile*.

Sideon said...


There is a local rescue place that has dogs every month in front of Pet Express - Scott has to drag me away before I adopt all of them.

IHateToast said...

that second photo is a riot!

one of these days we'll be at the sam e promotions.