Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What is soft, round, and sore all over?

Answer: MY Abs! Not ass you fools, ABS as in Abdominal muscles!!!!!!!!!! From all this Pilates and Body Balance classes I've been taking!

I did take a break this week as my IBS has been acting up and it's just not all that fun to be in the middle of a really cool warrior pose, get an odd look on your face as the pain (not from the warrior pose) rips right through you and have to exit as FAST and discreetly as I possibly can then haul boogie downstairs to the locker room.

So, yeah, I think I'll wait till Friday when I'm off, have a REAL psychologist appt, then a massage a little later and I think after that I might be up for a Pilates class, if not the main one I'm aiming for is a Fitness Core class which all activities are performed on those half ball shaped thingies in bare feet, supposed to be great for postural muscles and feet muscles too....oh yeah, just what I REALLY always wanted - muscular feet Pfffffffttt. Hey if if makes me have better balance then I'm all for it.

That's what these classes are all about anyway. Making me feel a bit better about myself by seeing improvements, and I am seeing improvement with each class I can do something that I couldn't do in the previous class and that is WAY cool in my book. The other motivator is that I wear the tightest clothing (comfy of course) so I can see myself in the mirror and push myself to NOT look the way I look now at some point in the near future, not that I feel I'm disgustingly fat but I am not happy at all with the way my body has changed since my surgery.

I'm also self correcting my posture as I walk, work, stand, or whatever I'm doing I keep remembering to keep the old hips neutral, shoulders back and low, pulling my shoulder blades down at the same time. It's cool and keep pulling for me. I've been a little "off" this week but I'm having a vegetarian Indian meal to make up for it *grin*.


michelle said...

it's your birthday... some where in the vicinity of this time of april. i have to be honest, i'm not exactly sure when. the 10th is my best guess.

in any case, happy birthday for whenever it is! hope you have a lovely day! a lovely week! a lovely month! a lovely year!


kitten said...

Dear Shell, thanks for the BDay wishes! My Birthday is officially the 14th of April at 8:55 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time as I was born in San Diego, California.

PS: I've lost 2 Kilos as of this morning!!!!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!

michelle said...


i sent half of your/colin's present up to brissy with mum, but the other half is a little more tricky, so i'll probably cart it with me the next time i head up there. which is possibly sometime in june.