Sunday, October 22, 2006

egads I haven't posted all week and I wanna vote for Barack Obama

EEK! Dammit! I know, I know I haven't posted all week, and have some very antsy readers wondering what the heck is going on here. Well, first of all, this week started off with me starting a new job, which I like. Thank you, God! Then, I heard from C~ about the suspension of Habeas Corpus by Pres. Bush. Here are 2 links that will explain things a bit better than I can.

This leads me to this question, as an expat, do I still have a responsibility to vote for an American president? Should I worry about things, even though I don't intend to live there again, or at least, any time soon? After catching up on some CNN watching, I was reminded of Sen. Barack Obama
and why I think he should be the next American president, especially if Oprah won't run.

This Habeas Corpus thing does have me worried. Who is next? You? Me? When one of us steps onto American soil again will we be stuck in some god-awful prsion to languish, without knowing why and without a hope in hell of getting a fair trial by jury? What if the only reason is that we went away from the USA at a wierd time? What if it's because we were deemed a threat just because we accidentally forgot that we had something "seditious" on our person, like a common novel we purchased at a bookshop somewhere in the world before setting foot on the plane?

Oh and the other thing that's been bugging me is that tomorrow would have been my anniversary if had stayed married to the ex-asshole. Dunno why exactly, but it's been on my mind. Also I've been overjoyed that I am no longer married to the jerk. Sometimes I can get a bit down and feel like I wasted so many good years. AND, I hope the jerk is having a perfectly horrible day, weeping and wailing, covering himself in sackcloth and ashes, wishing he'd never been such an asshole. Which makes me think of what I should have done. That is just priceless! I mean, ebay, of all places. I just remember the total satisfaction of cutting all his clothes up and setting fire to them in the middle of the garage once when I was totally pissed off. Ebay was good thinking, but so was the fire *wink* .

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