Saturday, October 28, 2006

Whoopie! It's ...well...another weekend

Oh wow, my luck just gets better and better. I waited a month to start a new job, it was a good job, very nice boss, nice fellow employees, good location in the city, what more could I ask for?Certainly NOT what I got yesterday, which was laid off.

Why you ask? Well, last monday morning, my boss was riding his bicycle to work. The brakes stopped and he didn't. He has 2 broken elbows and wrists. He needs to have pins in both elbows and will be out of work for at least 3 months. Needless to say, he has no need of an additional assistant, as he doesn't have enough work for the other two that he has. He won't be able to keep but one of them, and only on a part time basis. So, since I was the last one hired...yep, you guessed it. I'm gone. However, he told me he wants to hear from me, and if I don't find a permanent job by the time he's back in action, then he wants me to come back. Sounds like a plan, but ya know what? I need a full-time job. Luckily, I have been doing a fair amount of temp work in the area, have met a few people that like me and how I work, so I got home and called the temp agency I had been working through and now have an assignment for monday and tuesday.

We shall see what we shall see. Keep your fingers crossed for me while I keep everything else crossed *wink* . In the meantime I have a massage I need to get to, more on why it's a FREE massage later. Now that's an intersting story, if I do say so myself. Oh yes, and I must remind myself to tell you all about this mornings excursion to the brand new humongous IKEA.

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