Monday, December 11, 2006

Back from seeing turtles

Good gawd turtles can be slow about this egg laying thing! Yep, got in a couple hours ago from Bundaberg and I'm thoroughly exhausted, but I wanted to tell everyone how TOTALLY cool it was to watch this incredible beautiful Loggerhad Turtle make her nest, lay her hundred or so eggs and cover them up...and she is probably a very old turtle, as she was tagged at the Mon Repos Rookery 25 years ago. SO she is AT LEAST in her mid 50's but probably far older.

A Fast turtle takes about an hour to make her way up to the dunes, dig the nest, lay eggs, cover and pack down the sand and make her way back down to the water. Our turtle took from 9 pm until 1 am to do all of this. She was also missing part of the rear of her shell, as well as, her back left flipper portion of her leg - most likely from a boat motor, we were told.

We had a great weekend, ate entirely too much, took a bit of video and a few stills. Hopefully, C~ can get the stills up on my computer in the next couple of days and I can post some. Until then, I'm going to sleep like the dead (at least until 5 am in the morning) when I have to get up for work. So I'm going. Ya'll take care and I promise to write more when I'm not so delerious from lack of sleep.

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Genilimaa said...

How close could you get to them? Did you need binoculars?
Do they have someone guarding the procedure to make sure the turtles are not disturbed?

Questions, questions...