Saturday, December 09, 2006

Off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz....

Ok, so we're not really off to see a least I don't think so, but we are in Oz - does that count? *grin* Har dee farkin har har har, I crack myself up.

So, this week, I started my new job and it's pretty cool. I really, really like it and they like me too. Yowza! It's so nice to be liked. I've been looking high and low for this job, or at least a job just like this, for a very long time and I found it....and THEY LIKE ME! THEY REALLY LIKE ME! It was so fantastic to come home last night and tonight being happy and glad not only to have a job, but THIS job. So far so good ***fingers crossed***.

Also, tonight was our Christmas party, I was too late to get in on the secret santa, but that's ok, New Boss took us all out for dinner & drinks at a nearby pub .... and yes it was very good food... excellent steak and shrimp, the steak may have been plain & totally without seasonings (like all Aussie restaurant steaks), but it was spruced up with a nice Diane sauce, and I added a dash of salt & pepper after I got it. It was topped off with grilled prawns (shrimp) in a creamy garlic sauce, accompanied by a wonderful salad with vinaigrette dressing, and the ubiquitous, but totally tasty, not to mention beautifully presented omni present serve of chips. All washed down with a nice, refreshingly cold, glass of Riesling that looked like liquid sunshine in that sparkling bit of crystal. But, I digress. I was going to tell you about this weekend.

Ahhhhh, the weekend! It's our first anniversary to clear up any confusion. We are going to Bundaberg for the weekend and staying at Dunelm B&B while we are there. The main reason we are going to Bundy is to see the turtles nesting, which is something I've been wanting to do my whole life, and especially since I saw Finding Nemo.
Penny & Dave are the proprietors of Dunelm, a lovely English/Aussie couple that moved up north to fulfill a lifelong dream and were lucky enough to find a highly recommended B&B for sale, promptly bought it and set about making it all the more wonderful with their lovely charming presence. I look forward to seeing them again, taking a dip in the pool, and cooking something nice on the barbie.

As for other things, I also look forward to meeting a member of my yahoo group for Americans that live here in Oz....she and her aussie hubby live near Bundaberg. I am hoping we can at least arrange a lunch or something. Oh yeah! We also bought ourselves a dvd camcorder (an early Christmas present to us) so we could tape the turtles, as well as, us lolly gagging around the beach, etc....ya never know, I could find myself on Australia's Funniest Home Videos! Gawd, I hope not!

Well, anyway, I need to run or at least crawl into bed as it's nearing 1 am and I've been up since 5 am, worked all day, went to a Christmas party, came home and finished packing for tomorrow and must be up by 5 again. C~ says we MUST leave no later than 6 am what the FARKing hell is he thinking? Hrmmmm, maybe Macca's (McDonald's to the rest of the world) is having Egg McMuffins on can dream. On that note, I'm off to dreamland. See you all next week.


Genilimaa said...

I finally get you on my blogroll and you go away for a whole week?!

Miss Misery said...

The job sounds great! I'm really happy for you! If only I could get a job that I'd be that happy with, LOL!

Have fun!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Happy Anniversary & Congrats on the wonderful new job...this post made me very hungry...your meal sounded delicious!

Miss Misery said...

By the way Kitten, you've been tagged!