Friday, December 15, 2006

I've been Tagged

Okey dokey Miss Misery, you little shit *pokes tongue out* You tagged me! I swear I won't kill you. at least not in THIS lifetime lol. So, I have to name six weird things about myself. *Sigh*

I'm weird? Really? Damn, and I thought no one noticed *snicker*. Ok ok, I'll give it a go.

Honestly, this is a hard one grrrr. Who decides if it's weird or not? Like montchan said, "So, who decides what is weird, and what is not? Is there some kind of a supreme God of Weirdness that shuffles his/her/its feet and puff [sic], just like that the Weird happens?"

1. I am now having a hard time with plain old English. I think this is because I live in a country that does speak English, just differently from where I grew up (South Carolina, USA). The words used in daily life are different in that they are pronounced differently, the words I use at work (dentistry) can be different as in describing types of Q-Tip, no one knows wtf a Q-Tip is here, they call them cotton buds. Salivary I pronounce sal'-uh-very, aussies pronounce it suh-LIVE-ery. and Urine rhymes with Iodine instead of Cure 'em. Anywho, consequently, I am at a constant loss for words and having difficulty with recall, I feel like I'm getting early Alzheimer's Disease or something.

2. I find geeks and geekiness extremely sexy. C~ is an incredible geek with a mind like a steel trap....not to mention, geeks are great at sex, that's because they think about it all the time (or so they said in some 80's movie like Porky's...or one of those like it).

3. I love to cook. I take great pride in my cooking abilities and I find it hard to accept when I ask someone "how did you like it?" and they give some answer like, "it was fine", or ok, or something non-commital like that. I taught myself to cook, basically, with a little help from my Granny and lots of recipe books, bugging friends and family for recipes of food I liked, etc. It drives me insane that C~ doesn't particularly like my cooking (it's not aussie) and He's also a pretty picky eater and hates most veggies.

4. I'm am totally contradictory in nature. I'm selfish, yet extremely generous. I'm a bitch but sweet, too. I love food, but don't like sweets all that much...gimme mashed potatoes and gravy anyday over pies or cakes or chocolates. I need to be around people but will ignore everyone. I am sappily sentimental but have gotten rid of most everything (that others might keep) from my previous relationships. I remember my ex-husband fondly at times, hate him at others, and wonder why the hell I even bother to think about the womanizing, abusive, alcoholic creature that he was when we were married? I also wonder why the hell he could be so damn nice to everyone else but me. Some days he could be the greatest person to be around, but then he'd treat me like shit for some imagined slight (lasting for days on end).

I don't know what else to say. The above comments got me sidetracked, as I tend to type while thinking so my mind wanders a bit.

5. I like most types of music. I love opera, pop, Top 40, a bit of jazz (not acid jazz though), rock, classical, ambient, and whatever Enya, Enigma, Loreena McKennit, and Sarah MacLachlan fall into. I even like a bit of Marilyn Manson (mostly the remakes like Sweet Dreams and Tainted Love).

6. Basically, I'm insecure and scared I'm never going to be good enough.

There, I've done it, listed weird things and bared some of my deepest secrets. Whew, that wasn't so bad....or was it?


skinnylittleblonde said...

Gosh Girl...your not weird at No drinking on tuna water, no hating of nipples, no phobias of feet, no addictions to shredding paper! These are all things I have seen around the blog community on this particular meme. You are abnormally normal & that in & of weird. LOL.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I like your list. Great stuff. Found out about your blog from Genilimaa's blog.


kitten said...

Awww heck, SLB, I SO wanted to be truly weird.

SML: thanks for the comments :)

Kim said...

You are one weird bird!!!(said with a big grin)
I can relate lots to that list of yours.I totally agree about the MArilyn Manson comments.
And to be a sweet bitch......You arent an aquarian are you???LOL