Thursday, December 28, 2006

Daniel Craig & Casino Royale

Casino Royale! - Warning! SPOILER!
I finally got to see it last night. WOW! Was I ever impressed! Totally NOT what I expected in the new Bond Film. Daniel Craig was HOT. The movie, Casino Royale was more than a step away from the expected in a Bond Film. I'm not certain what I actually expected before I went, but I knew it was going to be a departure from the traditional role that Ian Fleming created...the archetypal suave and debonaire spy that all the women loved and all the villains loved to hate and could never best.

Yes, it was crude. M said that she wanted Bond to be more than a blunt instrument. One could see how he needed to have two kills to be a "Double O" and the first was harsh, gritty, and messy. The second just a simple "plop" of a pistol - Oh so easy. Or so one is lead to think. I could just see the sociopath growing stronger as he became accustomed to killing.

Then, came the scene where he followed some guy into the Ugandan Embassy. I do use the term followed loosely, as it's THE most action packed scene in the whole film. It was a WOW, OH. MY. GOD!!! Type of scene, where I was gasping for air, squeezing C~'s thigh and arm, and generally feeling like I was right there in the thick of things as the scene unfolded. The only other movie that did that to me was Saving Private Ryan.

Needless to say, I felt that it was an awesome movie. I don't often get to go to the theatre to see movies, so when I do, I want it to be spectacular. So far, I haven't been disappointed this year.

So far, I have seen, Eight Below, The Prestige, The Legend of Zorro, and perhaps one or two others that I can't pull out of my sleep deprived brain at this moment. If I do remember, I shall attempt to edit this for more info.

Enjoy the DC pic, I did, thanks to wikipedia where I took it from *grin*

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Genilimaa said...

Now I have two films on my list to see, both by your recommendation: The prestige and Bond.