Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hairstylists can occasionally do something wonderful

Yes, that's right, occasionally a hairstylist can do something wonderful. Like yesterday when Angie cut and coloured my hair. I actually like what she did, of course, did take a picture of what I wanted with me...and I haven't washed it and tried to style it myself yet either lmao! But, we shall see how it goes when I get ready for work a little later.

However, I am pleased with it. I have tried several stylists and colourists since I've been here and found that, for the most part, they are inexperienced, underpaid, and generally don't care, and also only want you to tell them EXACTLY what to in how many foils (exactly, because they charge per foil), what exact colour, etc. It's enough to set ones teeth on edge! Sorry, but I guess that being an American I took for granted having a hairstylist that actually thinks for herself and knows what to do without having to be told every single little step. Oh, and the other thing is that she used a colour product called DeLorenzo....not the all pervasive Wella that everyone else uses here. Apparently DeLorenzo is designed to Aussie humidity and sun so it doesn't fade like Wella products do. It also didn't leave my hair feeling like straw, nor did it stain the heck out of my skin! Wella is horrible to get off facial fact it generally takes several days and hair washings to come off. Yep, can ya see it? All these aussie women walking around looking like they just came from the hairdresser's wearing a slight ring of colour aorund their faces and necks! It's totally hilarious, and no one bothers to complain about it! Like lemmings!

Okey dokey, off to breakfast and packing for the weekend.! Woohoo! It's our anniversary and we are going away to a B&B a bit north of here and gonna go watch the turtles nesting! We aren't leaving until Saturday so I still have a wee bit of time to get all packed and ready. Ta ta!!!


skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL, my brother dyed his hair black for an Elvis Anniversary party one year. the dye ran under his jaw & off the bottom of his chin. Needless to say it looked like someone had taken a sharpie marker to him!

I'm glad your loving your hair.
UGH...I have 3 more inches to go before Locks of Love will take mine...I am so ready.

Miss Misery said...

I currently don't have a hairdresser. My old one completely ruined my sisters and my mother's hair so I'm in the market...heh.

kitten said...

Well, after 2 days, I'm still liking the hair...the colour is nice and it feels good having less weight. THe only thing is getting used to dealing with all the curls, I;ve forgotten because it;s been so long. Oh goodness, typing deteriorating, time for sleeeeeep. Back nect week ya'll

Genilimaa said...

Wow, didn't notice until now that you're blogging from the future, Kitten! It's already the 9th on your side of the globe...

Have fun with turtles!