Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Granny! You’re 100 today

My Granny was born on October 6, 1906. She is my Great-grandmother and she has always been my favorite grandmother, probably because she has never been judgmental like others in my family. She just plain loves me. I remember being little and staying with her while my mom worked. She would spend what little bit of money she had to take me on the bus for a ride around the city, what great fun for a 4 year old! She used to drive an old white Comet with red vinyl interior, no air conditioning and hand crank windows. It even had the little triangle shaped windows in the front that opened. Her house had a screened in front porch on the front and back, but we only used the front for sitting – she had wonderfully big white rocking chairs, as well as, tons of flowers both inside and out. She loves flowers and her favorite bird is the Cardinal. Even now, though almost completely blind from macular degeneration, she grows the most beautiful flowers and raises a few tomatoes. Unfortunately, the old house on Jefferson St. was sold because it was broken into several times, the last time she was at home….thankfully unhurt, but it just wasn’t a safe neighborhood anymore. She went to live with my great aunt for awhile, then found a small apartment to live in. It’s really a place for elderly folks, all ground floor one bedroom duplexes. To be honest, it’s very spacious, well lit, and has all the modern conveniences of any new home. Though now, she spends most of the time at my grandmother’s (her older daughter) house. She had a fairly difficult life being married to my grandfather, who was a functional alcoholic. I am sure she loved him, but they slept in separate bedrooms for many years and when he passed away she never looked back. I don’t remember granddaddy well, I was about 7 when he died and that was the year that my younger sister was born. I do remember him giving us silver dollars for Christmas each year, mostly because there are pictures. You know how you aren’t really certain if it’s a true memory or just because you have heard the stories and seen the pictures so many times? Like that.


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