Saturday, January 06, 2007

We are moving....FINALLY!

YAY! We are finally moving. Yesterday we were approved for a nice house. It's kinda out in the boonies, but not really. Only about 10 minutes further from the city by train, and about 10 minutes closer to my work ( I work about 30-45 mins south of the city).

So today was spent doing a 2 hour inspection complete with digital photos to back everything up *grin*. What can I say? Hubby is a lawyer LOL! Then we spent awhile doing some general clean up, wiping down surfaces and cabinets, putting a few things away.

The funny thing is, well...the lady that lived there before was elderly, and she painted, decorated, and did whatever to suit her very own "special" tastes. Hrmmm, tastes, yes that's what I suppose I should call it. I have put up a pic of the shot into the kitchen (note that there is NO stove/oven), where the fridge is in this pic, is where our oven currently is. Our fridge will have to go in the dinette, as there is no space for a fridge now that the oven and stove are in place lol. Notice that she has placed Pepto Bismol Pink lattice between the two "rooms". Not only is it there, but it is also between the dinette and living/dining areas, as well. Can someone please get me a trash can so I won't mess up my keyboard? *gag* Not only that, but she has decorated with some lovely hanging things that have blue, yellow, green, red, and orange fluff balls hanging from them. What cannot be seen in the photo is the coloured crystal beads between the fluff balls. *sigh*.

What can I say? To each his or her own.

Honestly, I really AM looking forward to moving in, despite the decor. I can slap on some paint if I have to. Dunno when I can post again since I will be busy as a bee this week. Moving plus a full week of work on top. Imma be dead!


medea said...

Can't wait to see *your* touches!

Mooselet said...

Holy dooley!!! I thought my lilac kitchen was bad. That will wake you up faster than a cup of coffee. Nice cabinets, though.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Hey! Congrats on your new home! I would maybe also paint those baby blue cabinet doors while you're at it eliminating pink from your life. But it has charm and I'm happy for you!

kitten said...

Would ya'll believe it if I told you that the pink is growing on me? The blue cabinets - well the picture doesn't do them justice, they are actually quite nice (and its laminate covered, so I can't paint it). Honestly, I love the kitchen so far, haven't fully moved in, though we will be tonight. So, we shall see!

Genilimaa said...

Surreal, but I like it!
I would keep it just the way it is, just to enjoy watching the faces of visitors when they try to be polite about it. He he he!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

LOL, Genilimaa. That's priceless. Trust me, though, I did that with the garrish faux-painted bathroom in my house when we bought it (where they tried for a marbled look using forest green, royal blue, and white, none of it watered down). Hideous. I finally took matters into my own hands and painted.