Saturday, January 06, 2007

KFC Twenty20 Big Bash QLD v NSW

We went to the Twenty20 (as it is apparently correctly named LOL) last night at The Gabba to see XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls vs NSW SpeedBlitz Blues. It was awesome! Talk about fast and furious! I was stoked, thinking that Andrew Symonds would be playing, then I remembered that he's been down with the Aussie Test team kicking Big British Butt! HAHAHA! :)) Lmao! just had to say that. Didn't matter, (hottie bowler) Nathan Bracken was bowling for NSW and he was pretty good, but the Bulls were just slamming the balls away. It was a mighty close match to the very end when NSW needed 30 runs off the last 5 balls. They hit 3 balls for 6 runs each! Talk about being ALMOST there! Holy COW!

The worst part of it was finding out at the entrance that backpacks were no longer allowed, but my collapsible cooler bag from ALDI was, so we stuffed everything into my bag, checked the backpack, and headed on in for some really great fun. Then at the end, we waited 40 minutes to retrieve said backpack (poor us lol), though it did make for a short wait at the bus line. We didn't mind a bit, really, there were some nice people in line...except for the old guy behind me chain smoking and blowing it in my face *GAG*, so we kind of shuffled around to the smoke smell commiserating with fellow cricket fans waiting to claim their possessions and made jokes with the local coppers how we were REALLY waiting in the long line for autographs (yeah right ;) ).

All in all it was a great night and we had an awesome time. I can't wait until next month when I get to see England v New Zealand in the one dayer here in Brisbane at The Gabba.

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Mooselet said...

I really wish I could get into cricket. I've tried, but alas no. Still, your excitement for cricket mirrors mine for rugby league... which can't start soon enough for me! The things we find in our new country to make us happy!