Sunday, February 25, 2007

The moon is upside down

One of the things I've always felt good about is that I have ALWAYS had this innate sense of direction, no matter where I am. Well, that was certainly true when I resided in the Northern Hemisphere. Now, I have lost all sense of direction and it fucks with me terribly. I actually must look up to see the sun to know where I am in relation to North, South, East, and West.

Yes, the moon does look upside down from my perspective here "Down Under" and it freaks me out at times. The hubster suggested I just not look at it, lol. That may sound good, but I think the moon is way too beautiful to NOT look at it, ever!

So here I am, walking upside down, for all practical purposes, with only gravity keeping me from falling into space. Yeah, of course, I know that no matter where one is on Earth that is what is going on, yet it still messes with my head. By the way, water does NOT go down the drain swirling in the opposite direction of the way it swirls in the Northern Hemisphere. That was the first thing I checked out when I came to visit, and the most commonly misreported fallacy about the differences in hemispheres. Wan to know how I know this? My mother-in-law asked me if water flowed down the drain in a counter clockwise fashion (opposite to here). Nope, it's all clockwise.


tkkerouac said...

very cute thumbnail photo.

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL...I really didn't know that! OK, so does the toilets' water flush in the opposite direction, as well? (I always heard that:)
I liked your link that showed 'the man' in the moon from each side.

kitten said...

Nope,SLB, NONE of the water flows any differently from the way it flows in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a total fallacy. At least in our household anyway lol, it's not like I've gone into others ppl's homes or hotels or whatever and checked out the water in the toilets and sinks.

Cheeky said...

OK so I have absolutely NO sense of direction so if I go there maybe I will get one?? LOL

Mooselet said...

Well I can say that our toilet water really doesn't swirl as just shoot down the pipe - too little water to start that swirling action with a 3L flush. And my tub water is no different.

I've never had a sense of direction - changing hemispheres hasn't helped. :-)