Thursday, March 01, 2007

It really is all sweetness and light

This is what I look like when I'm not removing one foot from my mouth just to find the other has found its way in. I took a peek at Sideon's Sanctuary and found this Karma Thingy and thought it was cool. You can find your own karma here. Don't mind what mine says, it's somewhat true, I suppose...well, except for the Quiet part; I don't think anyone that knows me would agree with that lol.


michelle said...

i'm currently dying my mohawk blonde (before it moves on to a more fun colour).
but the blonde must have affected my brain because i read 'kim s' and thought "what's kimmy's last name then?"
hahaha, oh dear.

Sideon said...

Gorgeous picture!

I'm working on more of Seasons this weekend, now that we're not tiling and re-tiling (yeah, I screwed up the thinset) and there aren't crews running around where English isn't their first language. Can you imagine a Russian floor crew and a Hispanic crew in your home, both vying for the same space and neither speaking a common language? Yeah - it's been fun :)

Be well!

kitten said...

Michelle: lol! It's so great having such a fun sil like you. Take care and hope NZ is as much fun as it seems, sorry to hear about the yeti though.

Sideon: thanks for the wonderful compliment! Hope the refurbishing is coming along well. The pics are great and I can't wait for the next installment of your beautifully written story. Hurry up, dammit!